Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football and giant produce

Here is Luke modeling our 20 inch zucchini! the biggest one of the season, just picked and grew so large because we thought everything was done growing. Surprise!

Then we were like 20 inches ...that was like the same size as Ivy when she was born. Look how she has grown in these 3 months.

Ya hear that summer 2012? 20 inches, try and beat that! Its totally on!

Baylie stole the camera for a bit and got this beauty of Jason. Maybe he modeling his trophies from his youth on the bookshelf behind him? What grown man still has his childhood trophies out?

Here is a very flattering picture of me. Seriously. Cause it hasn't been so pretty over here, but I'm embracing it. Oh yeah, don't think it is? Well check out the one below, its beautiful. Seriously though, lets not talk about me though. Nor my pants size. I'm owning it, whatever, all in good time or maybe never. I'm just barely hanging on people, so don't hide the cookies yet!

Just have to detour a bit before I show you some football pics. Reasons why I love Santa Clarita...this week I met at the mall a mom who was pregnant with her fourth and at Super Walmart (a reason itself to love the SCV) a mom of 5 with both whom had the same exact ages of my kids and guess what....they weren't Mormon. Contrary to popular belief, Mormons aren't the only ones growing big families, its totally cool here in that.

Here is Paisley 'curling' her new friend Tanner's hair during the football game.

Go Bears!

Oops, where did this picture of blue eyed Baylie come from?

Luke was reluctant to pose thats why I got so many back shots of him. He is too cool like that.

But he is playing awesome, made a touchdown this game and last game and is loving practicing his spin holding the ball so his flags don't get grabbed. He seriously loves football. Ya and maybe if your name is Luke McCoy you HAVE to play football cause it sounds like a football jock name?

Here is the cheering section. There are totally enthused can't you tell? And if you ever talk to them, ask them about the word ENTHUSIASM...its a family joke.

p.s. Jason came home from work at midnite on Friday...and thats all I'm gonna say about that. I have a new found (again and again) appreciation for my mother now!

Now do you want to see Luke scoring the only touchdown of the game? The footage is crazy bad, but it was all I could do so you have to be especially devoted to see him catch the ball for a split second and then run it all the way! Go Luke, we love you dude.


Maria said...

Awesome TD Luke! I am not, however, showing this video to Bob because I am still on the strict no football for Adrian side of the argument . . . that I know I will lose. :)

Renee said...

Love his team! Bears fan over here. That is awesome. It definitely is his sport. Julian on the other hand. Not so sure. He likes it but cant really tell when he is out there. That zucchini is amazing!

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Go Luke! I think that only the McCoy boys/men love to hold on to their childhood trophies (and tshirts)! haha Got to love em!

RachelAA said...

It's a gorgeous picture!! And I too am embracing my pant size. OK, trying to :)

Beth said...

You look GORGEOUS in that photo. And yeah, what are you gonna do w/ that zucchini? Adam's parents' garden grows huge ones like that, then she gives them to me and I have zucchini coming out my ears and can only think of so much to do with it.

bro said...

Cute ivy photos, and cheering section kids photos and good catch Luke

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the football video! and pictures! Ivy is darling! Do you want me to send you your trophies? Brooke you look marvelous!