Friday, September 23, 2011

Goose chase

I'm so tired and busy to even type on this thing. I'm holding Ivy who is cooing in my arms, Paisley is on the ipad, and Baylie is eating pirate booty which has spilled on the floor and watching tv. the big kids come home in an hour and i'm pooped. Jason is even more swamped than me and pretty much I'm just pretending he is out of town because he pretty much just sleeps here lately.

Tomorrow is Saturday. How much can we cram in one Saturday? Can we make a pinewood derby car, help a friend move, go to football, fix the curtain rod the girls pulled down this morning from the front window, attend relief society broadcast, reclaim the front yard from mountain of weeds, oh yes and feed and take care and love these five child we have? Oh yes, forgot about my lesson for Sunday too.

Not running on empty, more like fumes? but since my fairy godmother has yet to show up and I've vowed not to live my life with regret, I decided to go on a goose chase too. For a piano. A cheap used piano that has keys which aren't too badly chipped or stick. Guess what? I think I want to learn how to play too...or just deciding its inevitable cause if my kids learn I'm going to have to dust off some basic skills to help them too.

LA is large. Scary and large but then small and accessible when it wants to be. I can't even talk about the lengths I've gone in the last 24 hours to look at two pianos, but it maybe shouldn't be down by a woman who is still getting very little sleep and a husband who works far away and late. But I've been doing it, cause I'm crazy. When I get my idea fixed on something, a project, I just go for it. Plus there are soo many things I would like to do, like finally get a chicken coop, but they all require Jason laboring and since his time is limited, I'm trying to find some projects that I can actually do hunt for a cheap piano. It has to be cheap because I'll still need to get it tuned and really its not an expense that we were planning on so it really needs to be one that would look cute in my house, not listed by a scary person, close enough for me to drive to look at and basically the stars have to align for all these to come together. How much time am I going to put into this, I don't know? but today was a breaking point!

(Here is my hot craigslist tip for piano shopping, just know that the picture they put on there is waaaay better looking than what you are actually going to see. I decided not to buy the $25 one because I decided it was just too beat up and broken to have in my living room.)

Just a taste for I ruined (RUINED! and that is valuable time, priceless, nonrefundable time) my three daughters nap and lunch to whip to North Hollywood to look at a piano. There I saw it, put a down payment on it, drive half way down the street, changed my mind and then went and asked for my $50 back. The man, then told me I could have the whole piano for $25 and I still declined. What a nutball I am. then I drove home to a messy house and really where do I begin. Do I give up my goose hunt? Cause its not really practical, but also practical doesn't seem to be in the future for me...or will I meet some psycho in an alley who I found on Craiglist in the name of my kids musical future? Time will tell.

Wish me luck or wish me a nap, I'll take both. But now I'll go back to smiling at this cute baby who wants to make googly eyes at me, eat some more cookies and I think I smell a poopy diaper. Phew!


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Seriously i wish you lived here! I just posted on craigslist our piano for free!!!!! Pianos are funny things. We've had probably 30 people call and the first person decided not to show up and apparently this second guy really wants it but can't come until saturday and I'm being nice and waiting for him. If he doesn't come I'm just saying whoever comes and gets it first, gets it. Good luck on your piano quest. you will find one. Than's sister found one on the side of the road in memphis. you never know. if it's meant to be, it will be.

Crazy Lady said...

Erica! that is hilarious! okay, so why are you getting rid of it?

Renee said...

Stop running yourself ragged girl! Be patient. The right piano will come around when you least expect it. Your weekend sounds close to ours. Except for a lesson to plan. Gotta get started on that car!

Heather said...

The Church has a program you can order that helps you teach yourself how to play. Amber got it, but I don't think she's tried it yet. I saw on Facebook the other day, where a friend of mine was giving hers away. Given enough time, I think you'll find one for free. People who don't use them anymore just want someone to get it out of their house.

RachelAA said...

What made you change your mind?? I have had mine in my house for a year, maybe, and it still hasn't been tuned. Oops. The list is always too long isn't it :) Good luck.

Crazy Lady said...

good question rachel, it was just too big of a piece of crap. scraped up, broken keys, too old ...too ugly to be in my living

-A said...

If you run into a piano that only has the ugly factor working against it, you could try something like this to fix it up. I've seen lots of cute piano makeovers online. Just a thought.