Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forget Not

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If you are a woman, and you are Mormon, then you went to the Relief Society broadcast last nite (unless something else kept you and I'm sure you have a really good reason ;), which is the woman's organization of the church...they had a big meeting and we all watched it via satellite at our local churches...The Relief Society is a very strong, large group of amazing, inspiring and awesome women in the millions and this broadcast only happens once a year.

I love Julie Beck, her talk was awesome. She does not mince words, and I like it. She always makes me want to be better.

But if you went or heard, this is the talk you are talking about. It is now famous.

President Uchtdorf spoke and it was great. Listen to it HERE

Really I need to see it again because I've already forgotten and that was like the whole point to not forget right?

Although it did make me want to eat some chocolate, which I did. A symphony bar, deeelicious.


Sarah said...

Could not agree with you more, Brooke! It was amazing! I'm so happy I was able to go and hear it that night. It was just what I needed. I was furiously trying to take notes as fast as I could but of course realized that was silly since I can go home and read the talk. Anyway, it was awesome!

Beth said...

Well I am a woman and a member of the church and could not make the meeting. So I guess I will have to read that one!! I could use some inspiring words right now, too. Good thing GC is coming up, too.

Renee said...

I didn't make the meeting either. It was Jared's only night off so I decided to stay home with him. It sounds like it was good. Now I must go read it!

Andrea said...

That really was a great conference!! Thanks for keeping us all reminded