Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby, also known as the best day of the year for an 8 year old boy who can finally participate. That yellow car is Luke's, although it got all dirty when Jason was applying the graphite powder to the wheels, everyone used weights and graphite powder, it was serious business. All the cars were so cool looking and creative, really impressed.

Luke's car did a fair showing, only winning one race out of four, but can you guess which one Luke keeps talking about? According to him, he was robbed of the championship and couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home. If only the weight wouldn't have been off center.... Next year, just you wait 2012.

The Pinewood Derby brought in lots of fans. seriously why don't they have it for girls? I'd love to glue a My Little Pony or paint one pink with flowers, come on Achievement Day girls, lets do it....see thats why I can't be in charge, I'd cause too many waves.

Jason with his two youngest girls who look like Daddy actually. We have four little girls who are madly in love with their dad, he has their hearts.

Darby with the big girls.

See what he won? Best use of color...booyah! Who was into pinewood derby more, Jason or Luke...must be a tie.


Renee said...

We are getting ready over here! Ours is next Tuesday. Man with the way Jared and Julian have been working on this car we better win. Good job on the car Luke and Jason.

Lindsey said...

Very cute!! That is so great. His car is awesome and it looks so fun. Thanks for the calls today!

bro said...

Generally looks do not a winning pinewood Derby car make

Nancy Jo said...

quelliplI love the pinewood derby and watching all the 'big' and little boys compete.What a fancy car Luke has! I am impressed!

Mommy said...

Bailey and Emma are remind me so much of each other. Not that I am making requests from a very busy mom, but I would like more Bailey stories so I know if Emma is on par with her four year old counterparts. ;)