Thursday, September 29, 2011


Paisley is determined to drive me to the nut house. Cause why else would she run out in the street on Monday at football practice while I was chasing behind only to miss a huge large scary suburban like car whiz by her. Or just 30 minutes later when I hadn't even stopped shaking for the previous incident ....crawl underneath the bathroom stall I was using (while holding a baby, peeing and trying to keep an eye on my 2 year old) and then run out of the bathroom?

Or just now when I went to the dr. for the upteenth time to complain about not being able to swallow for this body that I have that appears to be rejecting nursing, having five kids, no sleep and a husband who is gone immune system has called off I think or yes maybe its just the shots I take to suppress it! So after doing the song and dance in the doctors office for an hour, as I am trying to get the mega old awkward stroller out of the elevator while holding ivy (cause yes I had a double stroller and nobody would sit in it!) she makes a mad dash up the stairs that we had just avoided by using the elevator to the floor we were just on right when Baylie goes a different direction so I ditch the stroller and run as best I can holding a 3 month old up the stairs to go fetch her.


good thing she is asleep right now. This is also my reminder that I need to read my scriptures more (or just at all sometimes) because obviously what I'm doing is not working! Cause I sure haven't kept my cool.

Ya that Baylie is on a mission to be as obstinate as well, but we can't talk about that right now cause I'm too mad and have too much laundry and things to do here right now frankly.

right now I'm just reminded of the person who recently told me that this stage of life is a 'piece of cake' and that it compares nothing to having adult children when the real work begins...thanks for making my future look so rosy, can't wait.

don't worry, negative nelly will be gone tomorrow...or maybe give me a year i swear


embot said...

Oh my gosh. Brooke! it's just so dang hard sometimes. You're in the trenches, we're in the trenches. HANG IN THERE!

RachelAA said...

Have you seen that commercial with the ladies feet, at the bottom on the stall, and the kid runs out?? If they made a commercial about it, I think it's safe to say you're not alone. Not that that always makes it easier to handle, but maybe!?!? I too think about how people saying the older kids are harder than now - oh boy, look out. But harder in a different way right? Good luck Brooke - remember, you're doing an awesome job even if you are losing it.

Nash said...

do you have a good baby carrier?

bro said...

i saw a 19 year old immigrant with no benefits, super nice, lose both arms in car wreck at shoulders, so could be worse

Chris Garff said...

Sorry things have been so frustrating as of late. I always blame these things on lack of least feeling like the inability to deal with it. I admire you for having the strength to pursue sports and fun stuff with your kids. You'll be happy you did it in a few years and you look back.

gay said...

see, we are crazy brooke! who in their right mind would put themselves through this torture day after day!!!! chin up. if not tomo, then the next day you'll be re-in love with being a mom. it's all about the cycle!

sara said...

The conference talk by Anderson (talking right now...makes me thing about how blessed you are and how much faith you have!!