Sunday, September 11, 2011

Party in the So UT

Brinkley walking close to the house we stayed at...near Orderville, Utah...population I think like 20.

G and Amanda and I took some kids on a walk to this pond and rickety old bridge. The kids liked poking around and this is where Luke's shoes became a mud mess.

Super cute Mackenzie and Cannon...

lots of Ipad girls were obsessed with the twins.

My cute sister in laws!

Watching the BYU game, Amanda's brother is Spencer Hadley, #2 linebacker...he did great! Somehow I had forgotten her family were dairy farmers in Eastern WA and we ate some of their steak! She is great cook!

Darby being wacky with her blankie. Seriously this ratty thing gives me flashbacks from when Lindsey had when we kids. I think its going to eventually just disintegrate.

Garlan prepping for fatherhood...sorry about the shadow behind your head. Fortunately G has plenty of practice with 23 and counting nieces and nephews.

Ok So Utah...we came we saw, we went to Tai Pan Trading (at least for 10 minutes). Thanks for letting us crash in Vegas, Amber! See you soon, it was great. And Ivy has been so much more pleasant in the car since we left you, just needed a good road trip I think.

Where are we going next? Arizona?


Courtney said...

That looked like so much fun! That house was awesome! How fun! How did you find that house? Looks like a great time with family!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! How much fun! We need to do that with our family!

Renee said...

Look like a fun time! Where is Orderville? I have never heard of it.