Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baylie Scripture

Here is Baylie reciting the scripture she learned for primary. Its Matthew 7:7 if you didn't catch it.

Here's the thing about church. Last Sunday we were with some family in the middle of nowhere and we opted to go swimming instead of finding a church on Sunday. It was soo fun. So much fun the thought came to me, "Oh so this is why people go inactive." (inactive is like the Mormon culture term for not attending church or actively participating...I would be considered in I actively attend). So they get an extra swimming party day. And what we did was great, wholesome recreation with family...totally a good thing.

BUT then this Sunday I went to church. It was nutso as usually trying to wrangle all the kids for an hour in sacrament meeting while we tried to listen to talks. I usually get nuggets here and there. And then I taught the 9 year old kids class and THEN I was the sub for the music leader with the kids and even though I was stressed about it all week, turned out great and came home utterly exhausted.

NOW, which one do I choose? Definitely the church Sundays. While I can swim any day of the week, I can only attend church on one of them. And the spirit I feel (even if its in bits and pieces) better prepares me for the week ahead...thats what I need in my life to be a caring person, wife and mother.

But now I get it. Soooo tempting to just go swimming. Church is kinda like exercise to me. Once you stop doing it, sooo hard to get back in and when you are active you can't imagine not doing it. Now if only I would start exercising again...hard to start back from zero.

Just writing this so my kids know why their mama was a church lady. Its good for the soul. Its good to associate with the Saints. I don't think church attendance makes someone better than another...if anything I go to church because there is still so much I need to work on. Not perfect yet, and I need the Savior's Atonement to be active in my life. Life is hard, but even after busy, crazy, nutso Sundays...I know it was the best place where I could be. And thank you to all the people I saw yesterday who I got to interact with, who taught my kids, and lifted me up so I could feel the Savior's love too. There are some things I really needed to hear.

Love you Mint Canyon, Encino, Studio City and Dothan wards!

p.s. I doubt everyone's church experience is crazy and nutso...could be the number of children I have or could be that I add a little crazy into everything I do. But I hope yours is calm and relaxed :)


Shannon said...

Baylie is adorable and nothing better than seeing young children learning scripture. I am also so glad that I am not alone on the church thing. It is so easy to get away from yet when you are in it and there it is so much better. Your exercise analogy is right now... I battle it with summer because we are out of town so much but really there is no good excuse. thanks for your honesty and sharing. love seeing your beautiful kids.

Courtney said...

I am laughing because yesterday was my worst church day in my history of being a parent...I'll explain on my blog! Way to go to church!

Nancy Jo said...

LOVED hearing Baylie say the scripture! She is darling! Great reasons/analogy why we go to church.

bro said...

i liked the baylie gibberish