Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ivy Lou

Ivy is three months old now. What a cutie, we love her. My friend Michelle got Ivy this cute hair bow and fortunately had the perfect matching dress to go with it. So this is what she wore to church.

Today is my dad's birthday and also Claire's birthday. Lisa's birthday is tomorrow and my aunt's was on Sunday (yes that Sunday) so I always like mid September.

I'm reading a good book for book club called A Distant Prayer about a WWII POW. See that's why I love book club. Never would I pick up a book about WWII POW and its turning out really good. In fact last nite, an hour before it turned Sept 13, I read that the author, had gotten captured on Sept 13...how freaky. But I do love this date and two very good people were born today.

I also finally finished reading the Book of Mormon again...just took me like 16 months or something ridiculous like that I probably shouldn't admit. Partly cause I got this really cute little one like the size on my palm that I decided to highlight entirely in red pencil after I read it so that when I was finished I'd have 'read it' and it would all be 'red'...get it get it? Anyway, cool idea, but more tedious in practice. Now back to Nephi 1!

Okay, so now back to this cute chubby face.

These are Baylie's fingers 'making' Ivy smile. Also known as sibling torture :)

I'm thinking about changing my FB profile to this picture .

The kids have said some really funny stuff lately and if I could get some sleep around here maybe my brain would work enough to remember it. Luke did say that the grass in the back looks like the Amazon...true true! Mowing the lawn has lost out to basketball every Saturday, truly my personal nemesis in life...good thing it makes my husband so happy.

Now I gotta go to sleep for a few minutes for all the kids start waking up in the nite.

Happy Birthday Dad! You are wonderful grandpa! We love and miss you.

Claire, I will pretend we are eating Indian together soon!


Jenn said...

cute pics!

I think I'm next on the list for that book...

Nancy Jo said...

Those are darling pics of Ivy! She is going to have a cute personality too. Love the bow. Can't believe she is 3 months! I need to come and visit.

Courtney said...

Those pics are so cute and so funny! I love her facial expressions. Please change your FB profile pic to that? :) She is getting so big. Crazy how fast they grow up.

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Love the pics! I will send you a cd with all the pics from Labor Day. Miss you guys!

Sara Jane said...

She is so cute and getting to be such a hunk. My Dad's bday is on the 13th too!

bro said...

cute photos, looks like your offspring