Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paisley Jo is Two...Watch out!

I mean can you even handle this? The pig tails? The hello kitty? The cheesy smile, the rocking boots? The double babies?

Little Miss Paisley Jo McCoy has it all going on. And a couple of shrieks thrown in for luck. Loud ones.

Happy birthday Paisley, we love you soooo much.

We think you are super duper cute.

You love Darby, you love Baylie, you love Luke and you love Ivy and guess what?

They all love you back.

You especially love your Dad right now, he is your world.

Sorry you were in the car most of you birthday but we sang to you a few times over the weekend to stretch it out good.

I sure hope its good to be two for you.

We will have lots of fun this year, just try and stay healthy and out of harms way pretty please.

September 1st is a good day to be born I think.

Thanks for being so cute and smart and fun (now if only easier to catch when you ran away).

Here's to being two, I hope its everything you want it to be.

Much love from your very lucky Mom.

Paisley, thanks for all the hugs and kisses, you do that great.

P.s. I love that all the presents say they are from Nana. You have a great Nana, and I'm sure you will never forget it. She spoils you rotten. Thanks for the super awesome birthday outfit.


Nancy Jo said...

Love all her pictures! I love her smile - she looks so happy! Woohoo for P!

Courtney said...

Such cute pics! Happy birthday Paisley! You look so old!

bro said...

scary getting old

embot said...

She got 2 dollars too!! she is so so very cute. i hope she doesn't forget she's betrothed!