Thursday, September 1, 2011

random pics

Yesterday was back to school nite. Good to meet the teachers. Good to check things out. Always learn new things about happens while they are away from me. Always forget that my kids tell their teachers EVERYTHING.

Here are some samples from Darby's room. She is doing great in 1st grade.

Here Darby is dressed as a spy.

Paisley sitting at the mall for the kids story time, so cute, so not ready for it, cause that was about the only time she sat in that chair. But very cute chairs and very animated reader, I was impressed.

click on this so you can read the clue. These pics were all over the room and you had to guess which one was your kids. I guessed it in about 2 sec and not from the brother comment although that sealed it.

No pics from Luke's room cause they don't really make cute stuff like that right off the bat in 3rd grade...sigh for getting older. So weird to hear about school from the parent perspective. But from this mama, the public school system is still doing an amazing job and my kids are getting a great education. Thank you to all the teachers!


bro said...

cute photos of p and darbs

RachelAA said...

When is this mall story time??

Nancy Jo said...

Darby is a great artist! Love her self description. She makes a darling spy! Paisley looks like she is having so much fun - love her smile!