Monday, September 19, 2011

Yo Folks

This is kinda where we are at in life right now. One shoe, eating cereal off the floor. Photo courtesy of Jason...what kinda dad just tosses the food on the floor for his daughter to gobble up? Sheesh! In our bedroom no less!

Here's another beauty for you. this is the end result after the baby photo session below. Accomplished by their 2 year old siblings and Paisley. They do some good work on a room.

Darby and Paisley

Ivy and Paisley

Okay so here is the scoop. There has been a baby girl craze. And these little buddies decided to all come to earth together, and convenient that their mothers are all friends too. Two are fifth babies and two are fourth babies...what can I say, us four don't play around. So my friend Mindee, super uber talented, made these cute outfits so we could do a photo shoot. Her's is the baby on the end who is only ONE WEEK OLD! The next youngest is Baylee who is three weeks old and didn't decide her name until at the hospital so if that lets you know when these outfits had to be made.

So oldest to youngest, Emberlynn 4 1/2 months, Ivy 3 months, Baylee 3 weeks and Lexci 1 week.

Tina, correct me if I got her age wrong, my brain has melted...i think its permanent.

Addy and Paisley, buds when they aren't clobbering each other, with love of course :) Addy's hair is also significantly done way cuter than little P. When are my girls going to realize their mom totally stinks at doing hair? Hmmm..... seriously not gifted in the hair dept. Thankfully they are super cute without a fancy do....but I dream.

Seriously how cute are these? Insert me wishing I had a better camera. But then I don't really want to put lots of time to learning how to use fancy camera... can't have it all.

Happy Monday, thanks to a diet cherry pepsi, a music time and a trip to walmart, mine is going pretty well.

But the thought has came to me that happy people are not happy all the time. That would be weird and who would want to be around someone like that (....totally boring). Happy people have bad/hard/sad/frustrated times too but they know it won't last forever and so eat some chocolate and be done with it. So hang in there you who I'm talking to. And a big hug from me.


English Garden said...

totally had a hard frustrating pm with one of my darling children today, here's to a better tomorrow:) I'm crap at doing hair too, honestly I think its comparable to the bento box lunch thing, nice if your kids go out with perfect hair but totally fine if they don't.

SharonDeFig said...

Love the photo shoot with the four adorable babies - great idea! Denis is the parent in our family who used to french braid Lauren's hair before she knew how to do it herself!

bro said...

Nice photos and thought at end. Liked eating off floor and sisters