Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Annoying Assets

My brother should stop reading this right now....


(pretend conversation in my head while I'm driving to work out for the first time post baby and meeting new instructor...its a free class at the stake center if you want to come, just don't stand close to me. )

"Hi, I'm Boob, I mean Brooke"

"Oh sorry did I just hit you in the face, sorry about that."

From Joan Rivers that had me laughing
"If she had a wardrobe malfunction it would break your toe."

I feel ya Joan, I feel ya.

ps. i figure by the time i actually print this blog book for 2011 it will ok for my girls to read this because they will be crying about which side of the family genes they have inherited...we only do extremes.


RachelAA said...

Brooke - I have been there in those double bra days! So sorry!!! I always hated having an 'a', and now what I wouldn't give to get back there!!!!!

embot said...

hahahaha!! good for you for working out! and at the stake center? for free? all around awesome.

just wait til you stop nursing. those babies'll shrink into wobblers.

Jenn said...

Haha I'm dying seriously hilarious! I remember wearing two bras to work out while nursing the first two months!! Nursing bra and sports bra!

Wait is this why you took off so fast. I blinked and poof Brooke was gone!

Beth said...

I will never have this problem. Seriously - try having flat pancake wobblers! Now that I'm prego I'm trying to at least appreciate having kinda/sorta larger assets - but still.