Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank Goodness

Check out our newly tuned piano. Ready to play, now we have to start lessons. What I'd really like to find is someone who could come to our house to teach them (and me).

The person we got it from (local, thank you Renee for telling me to be patient) played it all the time and he got it free too...

We need a name for it, because this piano is going to get lots of love and attention.

Jason brought me home roses yesterday. I love flowers.

Can't remember if I put these pictures of Darby's artwork on here yet but need to document so I can ..... recycle it. I think this one is from the summer since her writing is improved now. But is she is hot lady or what? Sweet two toned shirt!

Darby with her 'cat' the one she is obsessed about getting (hasn't anyone told her we are more of dog people than cat people?)

I love this shirt. It makes me laugh my head off (inside) when I wear it. Cocky to wear if you are twenty five but freaking hilarious if you are 32 and a bunch of kids in tow, plus its a XL so I must have a lot going on ;) Got it at Goodwill to supplement my wardrobe, forgotten how much I love second hand shopping.

Yes I've had a bit of a melt down lately (or everyday whatever), but I know its all age appropriate (for the two year old at least), normal, because I'm tired, bla bla bla. I'm not saying that life is so hard or terrible or whatever, I'm just saying that I feel like I particularly suck at being the mom right now. That doesn't mean I will stink (I don't let my kids say suck) forever, but sure feeling in over my head and extremely irritable.

But, there are so many good things in life too. Like my $4 shirt that makes me laugh. And roses and free pianos and pretty drawings.

General Conference is coming tomorrow. Can we all just give a big sigh of relief.

Cause that is just what I need. To be spiritual edified watching church on TV in comfy clothes, eating, snuggled with my family and hearing what the Lord wants me to hear.

So if you are wondering where I'll be from 9-11 (then Luke has a game at 11) then 1-3 on Saturday and then 9-11 and 1-3 on Sunday (thats our times to watch the broadcast from Salt Lake because of time differences), I'll be enjoying hearing the prophet, President Monson and the apostles speak to me.

Because I really need the Savior right now, even if I feel like the worst mother right now (please don't disagree with me until you hide in my closet and listen to me yell), I know He still loves me.

You are welcome to watch it and hear what the Spirit tells to your heart too. Its free and I love free.


Hannah said...

Didn't you listen to Pres. Uchdorf? He said not to be so hard on yourself :) And if you came and hid in my closet, you'd know I yell way too much too. And I don't even have five kids and a new baby! You're awesome, Brooke!

Crazy Lady said...

got me Hannah, totally guilty.

Nancy Jo said...

Great piano! Love Darby's drawings. Shirt made me laugh. Hang in there - can't wait til conference too!

Lindsey said...

Love your beautiful beautiful piano!! Darby's drawings are amazing and I wish I could wear a shirt like that!!! You are the BEST for coming out tonight! Thanks!!

Andrea said...

So exciting you guys got a piano!! That is on my list of future purchases, but I'll have to check around for FREE or cheap stuff since I'm getting very rusty here.

And I love that you take pictures of the kids art so you can "recycle" it - I'm putting that on my list too and someday maybe make a book of all the kids art right?

Catch you later!

Susannah said...

Have you thought about calling the local high school and asking the counselors if they know any of the kids that can teach at your home. A few our kids at the high school did that and only charged $20 per hour!