Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where do I begin?

First of all, can I just say that I think wearing heels to church is really stupid? I mean rocking a baby and trying to get a toddler not to pull the fire alarm...I need flats. My heels are much cuter and I need all the cute I can get at this point....but I almost tossed them in the second hour and just went barefoot. Almost.

Also, after been extremely good on my diet this week, I woke this morning thinking if I didn't have a cookie today I might die. So of course I had to solve that.

My sister and her family should be arriving in LAX right about now. I still can't believe it.

Can't shake being sick. Its clinging to me. Not sure what will pry it off me. Ya know when you teach your primary class anyway but you probably shouldn't but subs are hard to come by.

Here's what I learned about the garden. It has been awesome. Perfect for kids who haven't left the house much but...corn is stupid. Don't know when to pick it, a few stalks I think have cancer or some funky bug on it. But it does look pretty. Same with sunflowers. Pretty stupid except that week they look good. Corn and sunflowers do impress my neighbors though, like they are waving around saying, 'look we have a garden.' Big showoffs that don't deliver.

Growing acorn squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes and red peppers...but the zucchini and lemon cucumbers have stolen the show. They are the clear winners. The kids love going out everyday and seeing what is ready to pick. Oh yes, and the yellow pear tomatoes, once I remembered they were supposed to yellow, couldn't remember what I planted.

Something I can't thinking about: Garth Brooks song, Unanswered prayers.

We listened to it on our way home after I had ran to the rec center to sign Luke up for football. Although I love Garth, the song is wrong and I told my kids so. There aren't unanswered prayers. Their are just prayers we don't get what we want. Sometimes the answer is no. Or its not a fast response, but there is always an answer.

So I'm trying to explain my oldest three this song and when he talking about....but that praying isn't making a wish list where we get whatever we want. But that we trust that our Savior knows us and what is best. That His plan is better than what our plan is for us. Like I never did get rid of that arthritis that I prayed so much about. But I did get relief from the pain. And I did have that miscarriage in the beginning that was pretty upsetting, but then I got five beautiful children afterwards.

Somehow that got on to the idea of "If we just got whatever we want and nothing went wrong we'd be big fat wimps." But that the hard stuff is what makes us grow the most and helps us turn into the people we are meant to be, especially if we rely on Christ. I told me kids, "Sometimes I don't want to hard stuff, I want everything to be easy, but the hardest things are usually some of the best."

Like this cute baby we have, or any baby we've had. Babies throw you off your game a bit. In a good way, but pretty tricky. But she is worth it. Then I told them that they are worth the work. All the laundry I do, the dishes, the messes, the cooking, the cleaning up barf, the pee, the poo, the fighting...they are worth the work. They are cute and funny and smart and enrich my life.

Just need to remind them sometimes when their mom has been especially cranky.

Always think of the visual of off-roading in a hummer on a bumpy road. Life isn't smooth sailing with bumps in the road, life is a bumpy road!

A week and a half left of the summer. Heaven help me make it this last week and a half. And if my car could get fixed too pretty please. But either way, we did it. We survived. It hasn't been the easiest summer of my life, but has been a sweet one getting to know this little soul who is with us.

In heaven I would like to live right next door to my parents and siblings, just putting it in my request. After a very long, vibrant life of course.


Sara Jane said...

I'm so sorry you still feel sick. I needed this post--Texas didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, but I have to believe it will all work out. I came home thinking and wishing things could just be perfect and I could get what I wanted. We just couldn't find a house to rent in the area we wanted. We'll see how it all turns out.

I'm so excited for you to have Lindsay back--awesome!

bro said...

good idea, heaven neighbors.