Monday, August 8, 2011

Corn is not stupid

Picked 15 ears this afternoon.

Paisley was shucking them as fast as I was picking. Found something she likes to do. She was even sampling some along the way. Then Darby went to town afterwards and picked every last one whether it was ready or not. May they RIP.

And if you helped me out today you got some! Thanks Tina and Alyssa! Tina took my two of my kids and Alyssa came over to help wrangle them. Hope they taste ok.

Car is still in the shop, won't be ready til end of the week so...its time to look into a rental.

So far, sunflowers are still stupid, and built like oak as I tried to pull one out today. Holy crap, thats gotta be where Jack and the beanstalk story came from. They are mammoth.


bro said...

i'm waiting for peppers. seem like those are the most bang for your buck minus like a watermelon. i guess corn and sunflower seeds work. and tomatoes.

Nancy Jo said...

Looks yummy! I think Paisley looks older. Can't believe she can shuck corn. I am impressed.

Courtney said...

I am so impressed with corn! There is nothing like corn on the cob. I have eaten a ton this summer! I am so sorry you are still sick and have no car. We hope you feel better soon.

Kira =] said...

I suck at leaving comments. But I had a few seconds and that picture of Paisley holding up the corn is so adorable!! awesome job on growing corn! I am jealous of your garden!