Friday, August 5, 2011

Hiding from my children

hahaha, of course I'm not hiding from my children. What kind of mother would do that?

But I have never enjoyed going to the bathroom so much lately. Okay, well at least for the first minute until I start hearing the yells and screams that I am going to have to breakup when I leave that tiny quiet space.

Have you peed with a baby Bjorn on? Pretty handy if you need to go, ya know.

"3 minutes, just be good for 3 minutes so mom can go potty." Ya see I have to prep them. I believe in prepping. Before we do something that I might be worried about I explain, prep and warn of consequences. Sometimes is works, but sometimes it didn't

Like the other day at dinner it didn't and then I thought of the most awesome punishment for Luke without losing my temper (because I'm not so fond of hearing that screaming from outside when I'm peeing on the toilet). You get a motherhood gold star if you actually don't yell...I have very few of them but still try and rack them up.

I let Baylie play his favorite Super Mario Bros Wii game that he won't let her. Ya, she lost about 10 guys and then I reeled it in. Got to get creative cause sometimes time outs don't cut it.

ok , gotta run, Paisley just found me.

If you talk to me today and I seem a bit off, its because I am trying to decide if I will fall asleep standing up or just start crying.

Hope my car gets out of timeout. Its in trouble for jumping out and hitting a large metal mailbox, possibly because it was distracted by Ivy screaming. I don't know. Or just needed more sleep.

School starts in about a week and a half. Not the best time to be stranded but we are still alive. In case you are concerned, don't worry, we are watching plenty of tv over here and playing in our blow up pool. Pretty funny to see four kids (one being 80 lbs) play in a tiny blow up pool. But isn't that like classic childhood? That and popping multiple slip n slides in the summer?

Okay, now Baylie is hungry too. Back to reality.

At least I am showered with makeup on of course....priorities people.

Will you eat some chocolate for me?


Hillary said...

That is a hilarious punishment and just might work over here too. Hang in there! Wish me luck as I go through tons of back-to-school paperwork.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

You just crack me up.

Heather said...

If it wouldn't melt, I'd send you a box of chocolates. You deserve them.

Lindsey said...

you are hilarious. seriously. i love reading your posts...

Beth said...

Ah the joys of a new baby!!!! Sigh... Eat that chocolate girl!

bro said...

hey feel your pain, court does too, and i'm sure lindz also with a move by boat, with four kids and baby

Nancy Jo said...

Hope you can 'hide' some more : ) and your car gets fixed quickly