Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I like my dentist

Just got back from my 8 am. appointment.

I love my dentist.

When we lived in Encino, we went to this fancy office for the first time, and the dentist told me I had four cavities (never had one in my life before?). I was pregnant so he said I could wait til after, but I thought it was a bit odd anyway. He told Jason he had four also. So called my brother in law Nathan to ask what he thought. After talking to him, (and he ended up looking at Jason's teeth too) it made me think I should get a second opinion.

So I move here, go to this office with an older dentist...he said I had only 1 cavity. Saved me a bunch of money for the guy who said I had four.

Last time I went, I had rescheduled last minute and had another dentist at the office see me and clean my teeth too (how odd?). She told me I had a cavity and needed a mouth guard for grinding my teeth (which I used to do long ago). I was pregnant at the time and really just had the gut feeling that something was off and basically I thought she was rude in general. So I did nothing and just hoped I wouldn't regret it.

Just went this morning....guess what? No cavity.

If I would have listened to that other lady I would have wasted time and pain and money.

Love my dentist. Allan Fine by the way.


tphillips said...

DUDE I have realized more and more what scumbags dentists can be! Once you find a good one that you TRUST stick with them..I had to go through MANY to find one I liked and trusted!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you the crazy dentist experience I have had this week with Tyler. I love my dentist, too, (recommended by Charlotte Bjarnason back in the day actually), and let's just say my kids are going to him now - even if I have to pay out of pocket until we get them insurance that he takes! I haven't even been able to blog about the experience b/c I don't think I wanna remember.

christy said...

It is sad that many dentists are this way now and are practicing preventative dentistry and doing a lot of unnecessary work. we went through a couple before finding the ones we have now for us and our kids. so nice to have an honest dentist. i hope our orthodontist turns out the same way.

Tabatha Aikins said...

I love my dentist too, dear! He takes care of my teeth and my family's, too. He's very gentle to my kids and he even visits my house for free checkups. Best of all, he's French, haha.