Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highs and Lows

Here are the mamas at my house on Monday (ya my camera was dead, and sorry Jackie is blurry)

What a wacko week its been.

Within a week's time, I have gotten mastitis, attacked by the never-ending cough that keeps me up in the nite hack, and now survived the one week!

Be careful what you wish for cause I was just thinking about trying to jump start my lose pregnancy weight battle but now its already started when you can't keep anything down!

Seriously though, this week has felt like ying yang. Good bad, but more like extreme good, extremely not.

Some of the good

I did have probably the largest playdate ever at my house on Monday where all the kids played nice so that we could all see Renee.

Ate and saw my friend Sara before she moves to Texas. Chit chatted at a baby shower on Thursday nite.

Survived a week's worth of swim lessons, one week to go.

And because I was sick I couldn't leave and be tortured by Los Angeles's Carmageddon, the stupidest hyped story in my life. Seriously LA, saw some of the most ridiculously reporting on TV this weekend. And yes, I watched sooo much TV this week as I was rocking a baby who was probably feeling crummy herself since her mom was nursing her sick! Ask me anything, seriously, you want to know about Cindy Crawford's skin care line? Or the magic mess door that closes by itself, I will tell you because I saw it on infomercials.

The house and my children's diets went down the tubes. Seriously what did they eat the last few days? Its funny how quickly the housekeeping goes when you are sick. Regardless of Jason being home yesterday, it was as much as he could do to watch the kids.

Gotta run, Paisley needs me. Hope church was good for the rest of you, feels like I will never return.

The weather says its going to raise by 24 degrees from last week (yes I am religious weather watcher). Oh my, that will be a change.


Lindsey said...

Oh no! The stomach flu! Terrible. So sorry. I hope you get to feeling better. Those are great pictures of the renee reunion and kids in the back. How fun!

Renee said...

Bummed I didnt get to see you again. You just have to come out my way soon. :) Thanks for letting us get together at your house you are amazing! Love to you all!

Oh and you need to put up a picture that you are in.

Nancy Jo said...

Can't believe you had so many people over with a new baby! Hang in there with fighting the sickies. Can't believe you are doing swim lessons on top of all that is going on. Good thing that Luke passed all of his classes! Good luck with the warmer weather!