Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love language have u read that book the 5 love languages? I think everyone should...not that it will solve all marital woes (only Christ can save a marriage) but has some great things to think we are always working (or I am) at trying to be experts on each other.

My big complaint about the book was that I didn't want to be pigeon holed into 2 languages because all worked in some way for me. But I was definitely a gift and word of affection girl. And guess what I felt like I was not getting from my sweet

I wasnt thinking about languages at byu when we were dating...all we worried about was chemistry. But when you are married...sometimes you wonder if you are speaking the same language! And i wanted gifts and words of affection....Let us never speak again of the Christmas of 2010, but thank goodness for my birthday of 2011 (iPad 2) to redeem many years of holiday arguing.

Can't help my family way...we r gift's how we show love and how we feel it. So when I'm looking down at my cute shoes that my sisters helped pick out that my mom bought I know they love me. I like a tangible love...So know if u have gotten a gift from me then I must really love you...wink wink. This is probably is frustrates me and my mother (can't speak for my sisters) that my brother refuses gifts because we are just trying to show our love....don't worry I'm totally over it now bro...

But I married a McCoy. And for most of them it's not the McCoy way. And I was ok with it for everyone but Jason. My mother in law doesn't remember my birthday but she organizes my house when she is here (because she is an acts of service person) and is truly talented at it. Jason is also an acts of service giver...( but im more of one who thinks he should help with the dishes anyway kind of girl). But from my husband though I want presents and to be told I'm beautiful...cough cough.

But yesterday that handsome man of mine and father of my children stayed home from work for me on a very busy day(he is always busy). And that was more romantic than anything he could have purchased or said to me.

Cause he worked late on Monday and I was still sick. So that combined with ivy being fussy at hours I needed to be feeding and putting children to bed...I was just on empty when he got home. Like fatigue if I was a pop star I'd have to cancel the concert worn appetite but needed to eat...hadn't slept and sure didn't know how I was going to mother these 5 children, haven't quite figured all the kinks out yet.

But Jason saw that I really needed help and even though he let's me be tough plenty he could see this was something more. And he came to my rescue. Now why or why did tuesday have to be the shortest day ever? Cause I swear the hand turned faster on the clock than ever before. I took a nap and ate some soup. By end of the day I wasn't 100 percent but felt on the road there. He even took the girls to swim lessons in 100 degree heat. (mental note swim lessons with new baby not my smartest move).

Paisley was happy and kissing and loving all day instead of screaming all day. We needed dad and he saw it. The hyper paranoid job person that I am was worried he would get fired for calling in sick because they were swamped but he still did it. Thanks for speaking my love language hon. heard it loud and clear.

And don't worry...this blog post is not me telling him thank you. The man barely reads this anyway. It's just documenting for the book. So my kids know how their parents were able to stay married and love each other after 11 years and counting. That and being incredibly loyal to each other and prayer.

So today is my first day back and I think I'm finally better. Good thing to cause Jason will be home late again tonite. Never ends but I'll figure it out somehow.

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Sarah said...

Dan and I are reading this book right now. I've heard so many people talk about it and I was curious, so we're checking it out. We clearly "speak" different "languages". We've figured out the two languages Dan "speaks", but we're not sure which ones I "speak". Ha! Ha! We also just started reading the book so we have a ways to go.

brandon said...

yeah well i like gifts too but a gift to me would be a receipt for a savings for the kids or a letter describing a donation or something. xoxobro
plus i want an excuse for not getting anyone else anything :)