Thursday, July 7, 2011

Really awesome pictures

I told you these were awesome pictures. I'd like to call this picture, "What my house looks like now that Nana is gone." or "Reality at the McCoys" or "Paisley is backing to screeching like a mad woman" or "Who needs pants? when a diapers works as good."

Boy I'm tired. Like what am I doing entertaining all of you with my pictures and blog when I should get my tush to bed right now. Okay I will in five minutes, especially since Ivy is set to wake up any minute.

Be prepared to see the greatest pictures of your life.

Darby caught a lizard. One of a thousand that scour our walls, tree, and yard every day. But these tricky creatures are fast. Very hard to catch. But she did it today. We were so proud. When I wasn't getting grossed out. She released him and then I made her wash her hands. It was a very exciting thing over here.

Okay, so we had some visitors today.

Ivy met her future best buddy Emberlynn. Their older sisters are BFF and these two little ones were born 5 weeks apart. I even got a picture of Emberlynn smiling and that is like baby gold. I ommited the one of Elijah cause it looked like we were torturing him Tina, FYI

And then the proud men's finished product. Lots of hard work. Now I need to plant something that will not encourage the kids to walk on that wall. Spikes? Okay, now off to bed.


bro said...

Big lizard good job Darby. For some reason I also think ivy looks like gma dalton.

bro said...

Is your yard really as big as it looks in photos? I pray I get a California interview so I can come visit

Lindsey said...

Best pictures EVAHHH! Your yard is amazing. Ivy and her friends are just too cute!! And way to go Darby for catching the Lizard! Dallas and Brenna want to come catch them with you!

Nancy Jo said...

So sorry P is doing the screeching. I am impressed that Darby caught that lizard. Ivy looks so cute. Miss you all!

tphillips said...

Look at the difference 5 weeks make! Emberlynn is looking nice and plump! The first picture of Ivy, you caught a bit of a smirk--too cute. These pictures will be fun to show them when they are older.

YAY Darby for catching the lizard...that was awesome...she had no fear...Ashlynn on the other hand...

Sara Jane said...

Way to go Darby for catching that Lizard. Lawrence and Porter were glued to the computer checking out those photos.

I think shorts are overrated as well. Russell went to swim lessons in just a diaper the other day. He fell asleep so the clothes just stayed in the car.

The yard looks awesome.

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Such cute girls! Can't wait to see you guys in September :)