Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things Change

So I've had these thoughts on my mind all day but no free hands to type them and now that I do its all left me. So here is my last minute scramble before I put myself in bed.

First of all, what we've been doing. After a doozy of a Sunday, had 21 kids at my house (ok, so 5 of them belonged with me) while us 6 moms (yes 6 woman produced 22, plus one on the way children, the 22nd was with his dad) caught up. My dear friend Renee, drove her four children by herself, ten hours from Utah. She hasn't been to Cali in years and it had been over a year since I've seen her. The kids did great, the moms had a great time and ate yummy lunch together. I almost cried when they left because it was just the day I needed with girls who know me really well.

We started back up swim lessons. Luke has graduated so its just Darby and Baylie. The weather must have had pity on me cause its just the prettiest week and not to hot to take out Miss Ivy, feels like spring. While I was hibernating from having a baby, Baylie learned how to swim! Darby is such a champ cause at she rolls with whatever I need her to do which right now is walk over to her class by herself and be ok that her mom is mostly watching her younger sisters at the other pool. How I must look to the other parents!

Okay, so putting all the kids in the car and schleping to swim lessons made me feel normal. Like back to my old self. Bending my knees and shooshing a baby strapped to me in a bjorn is while holding a toddlers hand and watching the older few. Thats what I know and gave me the confidence to leave the house. Although is it ever a good time to bring five kids under eight to Target with you? Trying to put that one off for as long as possible.

Change. Can't stop it. I have two friends moving in a few short weeks. One to orange county and one to Texas. I hate saying good bye. But then I have one very important family moving back to California in a few short weeks as well. If anyone is wondering, these McCoys are staying put while we watch the change all around us.

Okay, so this new baby experience has been different. We aren't the same people we used to be. Jason doesn't wrap so tightly. Having been really pushing the pacifier, we are just chill. Haven't even put her much on her belly, which is the way I always have them sleep.

And then nursing. I've loved it, who would have thought? The best thing I can say about it is that it forces me to slow down. With as a mom of all these children, its so tempting to try and manage too many things.

But I've made some rookie mistakes. Which is pretty funny since as my babysitter told me, "this is not my first rodeo." Got hit with a fever on Sunday and I think we got zero sleep. In the middle of the nite the thought literally came to me to call these two specific people cause I knew I needed help. Me. Because while I know much about babies, I needed some solid nursing advice. And fortunately I know many woman who have nursing multiple babies for a year each. So I called two who have four of them. (man this post is all about the numbers eh?)

And pretty much they told me I was doing it all wrong. Not waking her up good enough so she got properly fed and then it got me sick. Sure enough, the next night, she slept five hours. I wanted to do a little jiggety jig right then. Strange place you are at in nite when you are all hopping up and down about four or five hours. (Jason just put her down so now I really got cut this short).

But it was ok. I'm still learning. Not everything figured out. I will say though that even though their are rough nites and I'm sometimes messing it up for myself, I have got perspective. This time doesn't last forever so I was never too discouraged. I got a blessing Sunday nite and that made a big difference. Just grateful when I actually listen to the Spirits whisperings and ideas that pop in my head. Cause I don't always, but sure makes it easier when I do. I could just imagine angels in heaven watching me thinking, "She's doing it all wrong, she is going to get mastitis, will Brooke please call her friends." And then shouting hooray when I actually do. (I don't know how it all works, I'm just guessing right now so I'm only speaking for this Mormon don't worry, but sometimes I do wonder what everyone is doing up there). Maybe its my grandma shouting down those things, who knows.

I'm okay with not knowing everything yet and glad I know lots of women who do. Thanks girls, its a team effort :)


Hillary said...

Glad to hear you're doing better. Tanya told me tonight wasn't going to work for you so I'll catch you another time. Can't wait to meet the newest McCoy - she's a cutie!

gay said...

Aint that the truth! Some of those tired nights when I have felt such specific direction are the moments I remember and remain amazed by. Good for you if you're already having days you feel like yourself again. I feel like it takes a few of those to realize exactly how much we've been put through and that we're doing pretty good for having not been ourselves- if that makes sense! Good job!!!!

Mommy said...

YES! Nursing does force you to sit and relax every 3 or so hours. I'm glad you love it - sure it's good for the baby, but you are right, it is so very good for YOU!

Amber said...

Don't worry. The more kids I have, the more I realize how little I know. They always throw ya for a loop just when you think you have it figured out. It's so much about trial and error. And I think you're doing a great job. And just for the record, I never said you were doing it all "wrong". Just merely suggested you try something different. haha... No seriously! You are a rock star for even attempting to nurse your FIFTH baby, especially when you haven't been able to really nurse the others (except Luke that is).
And we aren't going anywhere either. Hallelujah! Glad you are staying put too. I hate when my friends move away from me.