Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Picks

I heard this song in the car in my first outing all by myself tonite. I really like it. I think I was gone 45 minutes. I was freaking out that Ivy would be bawling when I got back. She wasn't. Where did I go? To trader Joes to buy some healthy food to balance out all the donuts. Jason brought home some and then my friend Tina brought me some because she loves me and they were all delicious. That and had to buy some dinners that require no work at all. Can't have too many of those.

But back to Shania. One of my favorite concerts was hers when I was on the fifth row with my friend Lisa Staub. And of course Shakira concerts with Jason. The video is a bit drab but close your eyes and turn up the song (although I did love the Gladys Knight cameo)

And then I love this song and video. I mean who doesn't love a song that chants Don't Hate me cause I'm Beautiful? right? Especially cause I got hit by the ugly tree since I had this baby. All in good time I'm telling myself.


Nancy Jo said...

Loved those videos! The last one made me feel uglier though : )

tphillips said...

LOVE Shania! She was the very first concert I ever went to!