Thursday, July 14, 2011

one month old

Soooo Jason's car is now fixed. But it wasn't this morning so we took him to work. All of us.

About one minute before we left for Hollywood, I thought, hey, since we are down that direction, we should go to the zoo. Can we rename this week, the greatest weather in history? It was 75 there I think. In July.

So we went to the zoo.

On the fly.

Girls hair not brushed, only one person thought Paisley was a boy but everyone had shoes (I say that cause Darby forgot hers later at swimming, but at least we had towels that we have for gotten 2 out of the 4 times this week, yes I drove back for the towels)

Just bought snacks when we got there. Thank you kettle corn and sugared almonds.

I love the zoo.

Ivy is now one month old. Did great in the baby bjorn.

Luke was a great stroller pusher and has new appreciation for my turning skills cause he said it was hard. So glad I had that kid first, needed those muscles!

Here is the picture I found on my camera this time. Very odd.

Jason is still at work at 10:18 p.m. Got a last minute babysitter to attend a baby shower. Came home with the kids in bed and house cleaner...that was worth the money itself. Plus she loves my kids, bonus.

the babysitter, Christie, told me Baylie told her that Ivy gets to go to bed very late and its not fair. But that then Ivy wakes up in the nite and Baylie just sleeps the whole time. Yes you do, thank you Baylie.

Does Ivy like the car? Well if its moving she does. If only we could rid the world of stoplights and stop signs.

Saw a bunch of people dressed as wizards near the theatre for the opening nite of last Harry Potter movie. Can't wait to see it. Sometime I'll have to sneak Ivy in :)

To my month old Ivy, last nite your dad put you in your crib at 12:15 a.m. and you woke at 1:30 a.m., went down pretty quick and slept til 7 a.m. Nice work girl. Feels like you've always been in our family. So glad you are, everyone loves you.

To Paisley, I hope you will forgive me for this month, you've been extra sad this week. I wish I could hold you all day. Darby has been your pal and you sure love flinging the dirt out of the sand box. Close second are baths and candy. But you really do love your sister, and always want to be near her and kiss her.

Wow, can't believe its been a month.


Lindsey said...

That is great you went to the zoo!! Wow, I am impressed. Everyone looks great. Ivy is a doll. So glad Paisley and Darby are getting along. Good job Luke for pushing the stroller. And Baylie's comments are great! I hope Jason starts getting home earlier!

bro said...

luke is old and cute baylie jealousy

Nancy Jo said...

I thought about Ivy being one month old yesterday - woohoo! Can't believe you took them to the zoo! You are amazing! Your kids are so lucky to have them as their mom! They are all adorable!

Amber said...

Way to go Ivy...sleeping so long. What a girl!

And seriously the zoo is one of the hardest places for me. I can't believe you went! That's amazing.

Beth said...

You are a rock star! YAY zoo. And you know, I think it's sometimes easier to keep life moving after a big change. Especially when you have kids. My sister was saying how crazy I was that I took the kids to the museum right after Audrey's broken arm/barfing experience, but the thing is - if we stay home, sometimes they are crazier (and then I am crazier). Good for you for going for it!

English Garden said...

I love impromptu outings too, glad it went well, I agree with Beth, I've realized this week we need to do something each day or one darling child begins to bug the other for entertainment. Not that I like reading how crazy your day was in your last post (child kicking the other 3 times, tome outs) I am just comforted that I am not alone in that aspect of child rearing. Seriously I'm sure one day we'll wish these days back again.