Friday, July 15, 2011

Hooray its Friday

Yes one day I will stop talking about how I got five kids. That I'm the mother of five. That five children have been birthed from this body. That we have five people we have to feed, clothe and take care of. But here is a shot of them this morning, as is.

Yep this picture pretty much sums up their relationship :)

Just putting myself in there cause as bad as my skin looks, some day I'm sure I'll think this is young.

The boy.

Watching spy kids right now, waiting for the dad.


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Ivy is adorable! I love seeing Paisley's face 'holding' Ivy, and Baylie's face when Ivy is crying by her. Miss ya'll and need to start planning a return visit! Tell Luke next time I won't take over his room.

bro said...

Good looking kids. Ivy issue cute. All your kids are getting old. Five is a lot

Lindsey said...

Now you have a PARTY OF FIVE! Yes! Those are the most darling pictures ever!! You do look young! Love Ivy's outfit:)