Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Tip

When deciding to take a shower or not, do it. Cause if the day goes south, its better to be clean. Don't try for a third day, perfume can only do so much. I know you think the few minutes of extra sleep is worth it, but you won't about 3 p.m.

No amount of mini Twix that you will eat can make your children behave like you want them too. Today I tried it, doesn't work.

By noon today, one child had kicked another child three times. Then that child kicked another child. Tattling tattling tattling. time out time outs time outs. Finally about 4:30 p.m. I was fuming. Piece of crap bedroom door now has a dent in it. Put sign over large dent.

Give children naps. Even when you think they don't need them. Just do it. You'll be glad when they aren't screaming at swim lessons at 5:30 p.m.

Enjoy yummy lunch with your friend Sara, this was like my one win of the day.

If you are reading a new parenting book, maybe you should actually apply the concepts in it inside of just inwardly nodding about how smart the authors are (this is note to self).

Either eat the remaining mini twix or throw them all away, better to be skinny with fighting children then unshowered and scarily close to delivery weight.

Picking up your husband in Hollywood with all five kids at 8 p.m. at nite will only take you an hour round whatever music you want and say no to the girls request of Justin Beiber unless you are feeling it too. It ended up being fun.

Kiss that cute baby of yours who was a dream in the surprise hour car ride to pick up her dad's whose car wouldn't start. The car is now sleeping at a repair shop thanks to AAA tow.

Don't worry, despite the days behavior disappointments (yours included), a nice family ride (our first time all seven in the car), by the time you get home you will remember why you love those kids especially if they are now asleep.

Now if only I could make our coughs go away...grrr. Lots of mini twix don't solve that does a symphony bar or any other crap you shove in your mouth.


bro said...

Jello is one of my not so unhealthy snacks I like. You the woman, five kids! Someday they will all be 30 and you will be bored.

Nancy Jo said...

Wished I lived closer to help. Hope everyone gets naps today and coughs go away. Will say extra prayers for you!

embot said...

i love you brooke!!! this is what every new mom goes through, right? not showering, eating everything in sight, like it's going to fix something. ughhhh! glad it ended well.

i think i'll go jump in the shower!

Sara Jane said...

So sorry that the day didn't get much better, but I"m glad Ivy was a dream in the car.

Hope today is better sailing/