Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Swing

When is this going to happen? My two babies asleep on me.

Ivy is getting chubby :)

Just a shot (the fastest picture taken in history) of our ghetto bath with dishes on the other side.

The first fruits of the garden.

Are you a playdough person? We don't do it often which works for me and they played well over an hour. Well two days ago I was and the remains have yet to be vacuumed off the kitchen floor.

But you have to let go of any control issues for play dough in my opinion.

Darby is very into being monochromatic right now. Sometimes thats a bit tricky to do.


Tanya said...

cute pics!! we miss you guys :D

tphillips said...

Lovin Ivy's little rolls! I am totally NOT a play dough person...hate the stuff. But once in awhile I'll let them do it OUTSIDE! You are nicer than I.

Lindsey said...

Ivy can part her hair! That is awesome. Beautiful Zucchini and that is an amazing Mom in that first picture with 2 kids asleep on her. Way to go for chubby babies!! That is so great. Love all the pictures. The play dough looks so fun--so worth the mess!

bro said...

Darby is so pretty, all your girls are. I think p looks Like Baylie. your new baby looks strong with the Evans, maybe girl version of Luke