Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ivy's Blessing

Ivy was blessed on July 3rd, 2011. This day is 6 years to the day of when her older sister Darby was blessed. Since she decided to make a grand late entrance into the world, we already had grandparents visits planned so we decided to bless her at home since she was 2 1/2 weeks old.

Ivy is the first baby we blessed at our home and not the church which tells me that she already likes to be different from the others. Her blessing dress was worn by her two cousins, Layla and June who were born a few short months before her.

Her dad gave her the name and her blessing since he holds the priesthood, and both her grandparents were apart of it as well as Paul Schoeni and Pat Baldree. Then the rest of the family went to their church meetings, while Ivy and I stayed home. We kept the rest of the day quiet and just had dinner as a family.

Jason did such a good job, it was so sweet, the kids were so reverent and quiet. Seriously perfect. Having Ivy blessed at home, made me think about what a special place the home is meant to be. Its meant to be sacred. A refuge from the storms of life, a safe place that is full of peace. While we are still working on the peaceful part, yesterday it did seem to capture that with our parents near us, that the home can and should be so that we can teach our children of the Savior there. How to be kind, how to share, how to love one another. Because church is only there to reinforce what they already know. Looks like I have much to work on as always.

Sometimes while I have been awake in the nite with Ivy, I get little whisperings on how I can improve that. One impression that I've had since I've has come to our family is the weight of responsibility that lies on Jason and my shoulders to do and be what they need us to be. Five children need to turn into five able, confident adults and we have a hand in directing their growth. I pray that we can rise to the occasion because these little people deserve as much.

Okay, now for the millions of pictures!

Some of the sisters.

Okay, so who does she look like? Darby or Baylie?

This is my favorite picture.


Lindsey said...

Ivy is so so precious! And I love her name. You are beautiful and so is the family. Love Luke's hair! The girls look so cute all matchy. And the grandparents look great!! Love mom's shirt!
Her blessing sounds really special! Love ya!

bro said...

Cute bebe, cute kids, Darby and p are reap cute and Bailey looks so fun I swear she is mini you and gma dalton. Fun, Luke is real handsome, I hope one day I can have a family like yours