Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grandparents Weekend

Here is Paisley checking out her sister.

Always think its funny what pictures the kids take when I'm not looking...its a community camera I guess.

Luke with both of his grandpa's, probably only to happen again at Darby's baptism!

Projects projects projects oh my. when did this tradition start? I love to reap the benefits but its was especially hot (still is) and its hard to thank and repay. Grandma McCoy cleaned and organized my garage, seriously priceless. Just imagine us only being able to fit the mini van in with barely walking space around. Here is the AFTER picture (always forget to take the before pics)

Here is the AFTER picture, but they still did a bunch after this. Each one of those blocks weighs 50 lbs (thank you Elders!) And it was like 100 degrees outside. My dad and Jason were outside working all day long since 6 a.m. Now I get to figure out what to plant there. And my yard is now free of mud spots that Paisley bee lines it for when she goes outside, which saved me lots of headaches! It was a problem area that we didn't know what to do with to connect the yard with the garden.

Here are all the workers. Love these missionaries. The one with the Georgia shirt is really from Georgia, about 45 min East of Atlanta and that kid could work. He and Elder Gonzalez from Mexico were one of 8 kids!

My mom and Baylie playing on their ipads...what a funny generation this is growing up now, where this awesome technology is just what they are used to. Hello, my first email address was in college and remember it was like, "What, an email address?"

This is one of the before pictures. Jason is just too used to digging in the dirt over the last year. He is an ox I swear.

Darby and the kids homemade swing. They like to stand and balance on it too.

Grandpa holding little Ivy. We are so glad our parents could come. We have played Farkle, and go fish with the kids, put puzzles together, gone to Chuck E Cheese, went swimming and tried to beat the heat. The kids love them and glad whenever we can see them.

This morning we are blessing Ivy in our home since she is still tiny.


Amber said...

Wow! Your garage looks awesome. And the garden is beautiful. How do you get the missionaries over to help you work? I will have to try that. Haha...

Cute little Ivy. She's adorable. Have fun with your family for the last couple days. I'm sure you will miss them a lot!

bro said...

cute photos, what is farkle?

sara said...

Love it when projects are completed!! An organized garage is so nice. We have an aisle down our single car garage/storage unit.

Enjoy the extra hands and helpers!! We did our blessing today too.

Lindsey said...

Pictures are amazing. How was the blessing? Your yard, garage looks awesome. Grandparents look great!! Enjoy it with them there.