Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Survived thanks to Oreo Smash O

My first day as the mom of five kids by herself. I did it. Well we did it.

The kids were great, I could tell Luke was really aware of the significance of Nana and Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa leaving and Dad going back to work. He was extra helpful.

Also helpful was especially low expectations. And chanting, 'first day first day first day' to try and get some perspective. Like first day isn't the day to try and go on a diet. First day is not the day to worry if Ivy is sleeping adequately on each side of her head. Nope, just do what works today.

Special thanks to my kids for being cool and not freaking out. No major messes, no major fights. There were a couple of times I felt myself getting upset but kept cool. Thank you Paisley for not crying for Nana too much and remember you have and like your mother.

Honorable mention to the two movies they watched, the Wii, Ipad 2, books, a bunch of fruit by the foot (I think its nasty, the kids love it), various tv shows dispersed throughout the day and newly fixed up sand box in the backyard. You all made helped aid me in the success of the first day.

While I didn't squeeze in a nap, Paisley took a 2 1/2 one which is pretty amazing.

Jason was so confident in my tackling of the first day alone challenge that he even stayed late at work to just make me stretch. Also, he was just really busy.

We ate cordon bleu for dinner (from Sams) and canned green beans and over ripe cantaloupe that nobody ate. Didn't attempt baths (a little sand never hurt anyone) and Baylie never got her hair brushed but nobody saw her during the day anyway.

But generally I'd say it felt really natural. Back to normal, not the fantasy land of heaven I've been living having my mom here for month (seriously it was wonderful). When Jason and I went to bed last nite, I said to him, everyone keeps saying, "Aren't you sort of glad you are getting your house back?" and I thought to myself, "Nope." and Jason said the same thing. Who wants their house back to normal?

Today was nice though, especially since I'm quite fond of these kids I birthed. Good thing, huh? Although feel a little like being back to square one, not the confident mother of four I once was, gotta figure this new life out. Nothing better than holding little Ivy and feeling her head of hair on my face. So cute that little one. Paisley was loving on her too. Ivy got lots of kisses on her head.

Darby and Baylie 'read' books and filled up their reading charts (to get a date with dad) a little more liberally than I would have normally monitored but I was trying to be chill and just be glad they were holding books in their hands right? Plus that was a few minutes they were sucked by some form of technology during the day. Mental note, add some math apps to the Ipad 2.

Biggest news is that the realized the girls 'Sisters sisters chant' where they run from various parts of the run into a big hug was leaving Luke out (Doh!). So now Luke says 'Sisters!" and they say "Brother!" and they are run and hug each other. Kinda have to see it to get it, and yes we do weird stuff but anytime the brother wants to be included with the hugging of his cute little sisters we gotta make that happen.

Ivy's been finally going to bed around midnite or so I might try and take a cat nap while Jason is holding her to gear up for the nite.

Day two tomorrow. Still haven't tackled play dough,

Oh yes, and lest I forget another helper, I will include recipe for my special new friend, Oreo Smash- O. A McCoy family favorite that I've heard about all these years but never sampled. So simple and so comforting to eat with a fork while holding a baby who won't settle so that you can take a nap yourself on the first day your mom leaves. Works like a charm.

Oreo Smash- O recipe. Don't be deceived by the simple ingredients. It was really good and would be great for a potluck or when you are feeding those hungry hardworking missionaries.

1 half gallon vanilla ice cream
1 container of cool whip (food snobs stay away)
1 container of regular oreos.

Place oreos in gallon size bag and smash with rolling pin into tiny bits while vanilla ice cream is softening. Mix three ingredients til well combined and freeze in 9 x 13 pan. Serve frozen. Will heal your day I tell you. Easy peasy and delicious. Tell me if you make it.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm still too chicken to leave the house just yet. Baby steps for me.


missmisty said...

We call that oreo delight "Alabama Dessert" and we ate it all the time when we were young. Hello...can you rename it please! Glad to hear you survived. XOXO

Jenn said...

I think I'm going to have to make that! sounds tasty!! I have something for you and I'm hoping to drop it off today or tomorrow... I will call first! can't wait to meet your little Ivy!

Maria said...

That sounds aaaamazing. I will make it as soon as I can get to a store. I'm glad you're surviving and that Luke is being a good helper. Here's to making it work even if our families are too far away :)