Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I smell like barf

no really, on my shoulder it smells like barf.

Do I change? No.


Cause that would mean I would soil another shirt and mean I have to do more laundry.

And frankly there are few shirts I am fitting into and laundry is really endess.

Jason isn't home, but he is shooting before 11 p.m.

I watched So you Think You can Dance with Lady Gaga on it while I rocked, re-rocked, put down, picked back up, and rocked more my beautiful baby girl who really also smells kinda like barf. She got no bath today because really it was one of those days.

But Paisley got three baths. Two in the kitchen sink, one when she was covered in poo, the second when she was covered in sand. She didn't know what to think about those sink baths, she thought her mom was a bit batty.

I put Ivy down for a minute to regroup. Hmmm....what does she need? To talk? She does like to coo and smile now. Nope, just not settled and only time will do it.

wait...ivy needs me gotta rock

He got home at 11:10 pm....pretty close.

I would kill for some Haagen daz ice cream right now. Off to bed.

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RachelAA said...

With the few items of clothing I can actually fit in, I never want to waste another outfit! Barf = the smell of motherhood :) Hope you slept well.