Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House bound

Well we have been in the house this week. Luke had a bad reaction to a bee sting on Saturday at the park and has a super swollen foot. Then we got hit with the pink eye plague. Truly pink eye is like real life cooties? So far only two have been hit and are almost back but we will wait and see if anyone else gets it. Hand sanitizer has been thoroughly used. Oh yes, and Luke and I have yet to shake our hacking coughs, now he is on antibiotics for mine. I'm really wondering if my body is rejecting my new lifestyle?

Paisley jumping on my back.

Luke very cute and good spirits now they he is on the mend.

Ivy is cooing. She just loves eye contact and will talk if you connect with her. She is a pretty good trooper for keeping up with our family, but the girl does not like riding in the car much.

Cute dressed Ivy, and crazy haired, cherry eating face Paisley. Oh yes, and both girls are modeling the lemon cucumber from our garden. The weirdest thing, cause it tastes just like a cucumber. One of my garden guru's told me to plant things that would be hard to buy or more fun to pick and the lemon cucumber was really fun to try at dinner last nite. Wondering if I need to peel it too?

Paisley has been a good sport too having her life interrupted.

The big girls have been begging me to let them paint on the easel so here are their creations. When Luke saw them he just said, "Wow."

This is a horse of Darby's. I hear Ivy crying, gotta run.


brandon said...

cute baby, cute p, luke is cool.

Nancy Jo said...

Love love all the pictures! Ivy is sooo cute smiling and with her hands by her face. Funny she has the cucumber by her : ) My family used to eat those cucumbers when I was little - yes peel. Your girls are artistic like you! Love the pictures. Wished I was closer to help.