Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yo I'm a Celebrity

Seriously I felt like a celebrity from 5- 7 pm. today.

Because I finally took advice from my sister and had a sitter come over today while I was home to help out.

Yo, so thats how they do it? Cause I have always wondered how Brangelina and Heidi Klum do it. Shoot even the Posh Spice is now in the four kid club...crap, am I kicked out of that club now? Technically I do still have four kids, just also have one more.

Don't you hate when the answer is like right there and you just weren't taking advantage of it? Because my cute 15 year old sitter who can walk to my house, offered at the beginning of the summer to come help at a reduced rate while I was home. But I thought it would be wierd.

Not weird, wonderful.

Because for once Jason was home, shoot he was even early, but the house was CLEAN! Clean and I was happy! Not stressed out.

While I was feeding Ivy but my kids were being bathed by Christie, I thought...this is the best money I ever spent, can I do it everyday? and now I am truly a celebrity. So fancy. You never would have known that I had 6 extra kids today and a friend.

Now off to book club....the no longer church book club booted. (we got the boot, but it was happy parting...oh yes, I'm not in charge anymore, so its even more awesome)

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merdunning said...

I love your posts! You crack me up...and I am glad that you got so much done! :)