Friday, July 1, 2011

Family of Seven

I took all these pictures of Nana and Ivy and my mom looks so good but Ivy was making all these hilarious unflattering is the best one.

Oh my goodness, my dad has been working since he got here. See that rock and cement walkway? He did that (the missionaries shoved out the dirt, thank you missionaries for dropping by so much that I felt inclined to enlist your labor, it was much appreciated) in one day when Jason was working and redid the area under the tree and the other side of the house which was a gigantic weed patch and black widow territory. Yes, we are very spoiled to get all this help.

And yep the garden is growing, the big things are sunflowers and the corn is in the back.

Ivy got her first bath. She didn't know what to think about it for a bit, but the kids loved watching her. In fact, try bathing a baby for the first time while being crowded by four other children. It was a little tricky. Can you see all the kids in this pic (yes I'm still in my pjs, its kinda my new thing ;)

Here is my dad mid project.

My mom took this pic to show how much hair Ivy has. And yes that is me and I look and am tired.

Very creative Darby who is an artist with her homemade paper jewelry

Baylie has a crown too and got her fancy dress on too.

Before church last week.

Here are some of my favorite pictures ever. Jason with his little ducklings, all but little Ivy. They all held on to him and he ran around and whipped them off....yes we do strange things for fun I guess. Or at least kids do.

The Rooster with his little chicks. :)

Today we meaning everyone but me, worked on projects in the heat...very hot. More pictures to come. If you get a text from me past 8 p.m. and I don't make any sense, please forgive me, just means the nite time baby ritual is making me crazy and loopy.


Lindsey said...

Your garden rocks! The pathway looks great too. You look tired but pretty and happy. Love all the pictures! Darby is way creative with her crown and jewels. Gorgeous. Ivy looks like she is growing great! xoxo

Sara Jane said...

I can't believe how awesome your garden looks! Your Dad is amazing. Seriously? That side of your house looks great.

Ivy is so cute. I love all that black hair.

Jenn said...

i can't wait to hold your little Ivy!! Everyone looks great-- especially you!

and if you're dad runs out of projects... send him my way! :)

bro said...

cute and great photos!

Courtney said...

Looks so fun. Your family is as cute as can be.