Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few quiet moments

My family has gone swimming to the Aquatics Center and left Ivy napping with me. I'm frantically last minute cleaning (its not really that dirty don't feel bad for me, my mom keeps a tight ship) before my inlaws arrive any minute.

But where am I? Taking a break on the computer.

Because in the last hour I've heard about varying degrees of tragedy...

my sister's fridge and freezer defrosting and ruining food in the rental she is staying at for two months in a new city with a new baby that she had just restocked from zero. Oh yes and her baby has been pretty much sick for weeks and she knows no one there.

friends of friends who used to live here having their son die in a hiking accident

another friend's puking daughter who she had to take in to get a cast on her arm (flu unrelated to cast) where she had to wait for almost 3 hours and of course her phone broke...oh yes, and she's pregnant too which always makes everything harder

and whenever i think about hard pregnancies I think of my dear friend Misty whose birthday was this week and how she almost died carrying her last pregnancy and only existed thanks to lots of prayers, blessings, and a constant feeding tube and iv's

and then the week before I heard about

my brother in laws extended family getting into a horrible car accident while driving cross country to move to a new place where everyone was injured and one daughter died .

so right now before I vacuum this downstairs of popcorn remnants and crayons shavings, can I just put it out there how thankful I am for my life, my little ones, my husband and family. My home, Jason's job, the fact that I can stay home everyday with my children. For this body God has given me, despite it not working or looking like I like all the time, I love every pudgy part of it. Just more to love right now ;)

I truly know that through the Savior can we be strengthened and be comforted. He truly is the only one who can know what these families are feeling and heal their hearts. I just wish I would remember Him more and try harder to be like Him.

While I whine and complain about the seemingly hard things in my life (which at this point have dropped back to zero, thank you mom! and baby Ivy!) , I know that it can always get worse, and I should always be more grateful.

I plan on rereading this on Tuesday when all our family leaves and I'm stressed out and cranky and tired and kids are fighting and talking back to me. My children are my treasures, I love being a mom. Life is hard much of the time, but there is a bigger picture. I'm so grateful I know why I'm here on Earth. I'm grateful for life after death. Each day is a gift and I hope I appreciate the present.


Courtney said...

Mine was not a tragedy at all. I just thought it would be a good story like remember when... Anyway, hearing such sad stories does make you appreciate your own situation. It makes like seem not all that bad and are grateful for our own trials. But, when tragedy does strike, to get true peace, you HAVE to turn to the Savior.

Renee said...

I have been feeling the same way recently. Although I am going some struggles again and again I can't help but say to myself to stop the whining. So many deaths here in Utah this past month. Just yesterday a 17 year old boy drowned in Deer Creek reservoir that lives down the street from me. Another family lost their 5 year old boy on Fathers Day in an accident, 4 kids (separate incidents) died in car related accidents last Saturday. I keep reminding myself to be grateful for my family and that things could be worse. What is with all this tragedy?! My prayers for all these families that have lost loved ones.

Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You always put things in a nice perspective. Thank you! And I'll be bringing you dinner as soon as your family leaves. And calling you more! Hope you're doing well with that new little baby.

Beth said...

AMEN!!! And I'm w/ Courtney - mines wasn't really a tragedy either, more like a comedy of errors that you will laugh at later, but when you're in it, smelling like puke and gagging (b/c you're 20 weeks pregnant) while trying to be a good mom to the puking child, you just wanna cry. There are for sure worse things and I'd rather go thru yesterday than any of them. You are smart for writing this before family leaves. It will be good to go back and read it. So sad all these stories of losing a child... I just cannot imagine.

Mommy said...

And I am grateful that we shared a short friendship together but can still keep in touch on our blogs. You are a rockstar mama and just made me cry. Thanks for taking the time to write. : )

Crazy Lady said...

court and beth, true there was no deaths, but still some of the worst days out there.

brenda, right back at you girl, much love