Monday, June 27, 2011

Its my blog and I'll post as many pictures as I want to

This is Paisley eating Pop Rocks. She was quite amused. Guess where she got them from and the first guess doesn't count.

Ivy has assumed the position. Here is one of her blankets Nana made for her (who is picked up my dad from the airport right now and has the two middle girls with her so she could use the carpool lane, see kids are handy). Right here, this picture, could be any of my girls. We are swaddlers people. Even though it looks like smotherers right here. with the tuff of black hair and cheeks peeking out, this is a McCoy baby for sure. I'm not saying Ivy doesn't have her own identity, but right here, she could be Baylie or Darby for sure (paisley had less hair).

This is like fine childhood memory cuisine. Hot dogs, with mashed potatoes and cheese. Did anyone else eat this? It was delicious again this week I tell you. Serve it up for summer.

Ivy in the one time she isn't covered and wrapped in a blanket despite it being summer. (What is the brand of the gauze-like light weight blankets, I need to buy a few of those too. Anyone know?)

Baylie and Luke sitting in the baby chairs playing the Wii.

Darby stole the camera and I have about ten of these crazy faces on my computer now.

Tomorrow Ivy is two weeks old!


jana said...

Ivy is so precious and little. Wish I could stop by and meet her. I'm jealous that your mom is staying with you for so long too - you are Lucky :)

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

That brand is aiden and anais and I recommend not buying them from Target because they are not as good. I had both and my ones from target are sooo not as soft at the more expensive ones. But I love them and Gentry still snuggles with them.

bro said...

cute photos, really like the last one of darby and passed out ivy

Beth said...

Yes. Aden and Anais and they are expensive but I just bought some for #3 b/c a friend of mine that has four LOVED them and said they're the best for everything and a nice big size.

Lindsey said...

Keep them coming! I love all the picts!!

Mommy said...

I stopped at 2 kids. DONE. I am living my dream of a huge family vicariously through you so you are REQUIRED to post 100s of pics of IVY with her siblings. Thank you! : )

Sara Jane said...

Ivy is so cute. I have never had mashed potatoes on hot dogs, but it looks good.