Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sing it with me POP uuuuuu Lar! Please enjoy these 17 pictures from my mom's camera.

the first one is the girls making a train and running around in a circle. Why are they addicted to skirts? Baylie seriously refuses to wear anything else.

Ivy sure is popular. But she often times sitting with me or sleeping. The kids have been in the house a lot so we've been creative playing and watching movies and playing the Wii and Ipad (thank you technology). My mom and Luke are playing Risk as I type this, we are first timers over here and I think my turn is almost there (I'm playing for Jason while he gets Panda Express).

Paisley wearing a backpack and carrying her dog. She is channeling her inner big girl almost 2 year old (in a few months).

Look at my girls in their cute one sided swimsuits eating fudgsicles. Still can't get over that the same time last year our backyard was dirt and weeds and rocks and bugs and not lovely.

We have been doing bribing and charts over here. The first one was a 'being good for a prize' chart that got us through the last little bit before Ivy arrived and helped my mom while we were in the hospital. This was Baylie's prize (really I wanted to get her one anyway cause all she had was some free hand me down tricycle that is really old) so this was the means to the end. Pretty cute hello kitty scooter with her hello kitty shirt. Now i'm starting a 'read books for bribe which will be a date with dad' chart cause someone (cough cough) is not wanting to practice reading. So because of one, they all get to be on the chart, lucky them.

Jason and my mom took the kids to Chuck E Cheese on Jason's last day of paternity leave.

Proof of Ivy's popularity, everyone wants to be by her.

Let the bows begin! Seriously Ivy, how did you get such sweet hair? Its like I planned it! So awesome.

Darby is trying here to smile while still showing her two missing teeth (the second was pulled 5 days after the first)

This is her first hair shampooing....loves the warm water. I'm kinda a hair washing fanatic, must be daily.

Close up of Darby's missing teeth.

And here she is, this one was taken last week, I already need to take more pictures and Jason found me some room on the computer.

The kids are now in bed (had to finish this later) and we are going to squeeze in one game of Risk before I go to bed myself.

Grandpa comes late tomorrow!


Lindsey said...

I think Ivy has got to be the prettiest baby ever!! Love those picts! I could stare at them all day!! Where did you get those awesome swim suits?? Your yard is very lovely and very awesome ideas for charts! I think I will steel the date with dad idea! xoxo

bro said...

P is really getting cute. Ivy is cute, Baylie I think is gma and you mixed. Darby looks old, will need to invest in guns to scare boys soon

bro said...

cute train running photo