Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Scoop

I'm fine. Well fine enough, a baby is not coming today. Wahoo, answered prayers. I'm like a 1 and he told me I wasn't in labor which I already knew, but good to not worry. Better to know.

Here's the thing about 'the end'...doesn't matter if you've already had babies, because things change. But even though I was terribly relieved to have bought some more time, I felt a little stupid. Can't help it. Plus inconvenienced some friends and killed their Wednesdays as well. Oh well, what do you to, I'm not one for having much pride anyway. At least traffic was awesome.

Thank you for all the offers to watch my kiddos. (I would kiss you through the screen Laura!) Even if I know that little P has a short list of people she will be good for. Who likes having to be the one being helped all time? And I'm thinking, will I ever be able to repay it back? Maybe not.

But my kids had a grand old time going to friends houses, which they love to do. And Paisley slept in her big girl bed for her nap. Thanks for all the help, you know who you are!

Now I gotta run, its been a long day and need talk to Jason before he goes to play basketball.....grrrr...


Sara Jane said...

We aren't here on this earth keeping a tally of all the nice things that we do for each other and then expecting things in return. It all works out in the wash. We all have seasons of being the helpee and times when we are the helpers. 5 minutes after you left Lawrence was begging me to call you to see when Luke was coming back again.

I realized those cheesecake bars didn't set because I had used fat free cream cheese! Less calories, but not as good.

Amber said...

I ditto Sara's comment. And you've been the helper for me TONS of times!

So glad baby girl isn't making her debut yet! Keep cooking little one. For just a couple more weeks that is.

Mommy said...

Do you need me to have a conversation with Jason about the whole basketball thing? : )

embot said...

whoa! just read the last two! keep that baby in! and thank heaven for in-tune friends. will totally keep you in our prayers.

Andrea said...

Okay so good luck with the pregnancy when it does come, I'm guessing it will be soon! I'm glad you have good support there when the family isn't so close. We'll keep you in our prayers - it'll all go perfect!!! :)