Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Day

This is the end of Darby's t-ball game. T-ball sure wears a girl out :)

She played first base. And loves when we cheer for her. But mostly she just wants Paisley to come talk to her when she is in the dugout.

Every day is different and already feeling back to myself some. So we ventured with our friends to the local hills and looked for tadpoles. Great place for kids to explore, even if two of my girls had to pee outside :)

Baylie caught a few of them. Luke built a dam with his friend Jake. Paisley loved climbing over the rocks and playing in the cold water.

But she does not like when I take pictures of her now. And wants to hold the camera herself.

Today we played in the sprinklers and slip n slide and mini plastic pool. Didn't get much done but the kids had so much fun. Ate watermelon and enjoyed the perfect weather. If I didn't have this big old belly on me, that slip n slide was calling my name. Plenty of time this summer.


Mommy said...

Wow, P looks like such a big girl now! ...and the only way to spend a sunshine day in nature. Good job, Mama.

bro said...

thanks for the blog even though i worry for your hands

Lindsey said...

So glad you are feeling a bit better. Love the tball pictures!! So cute. And Miss P looks beautiful and so grown up!! Love her hair. I can't believe they caught tadpoles! Go Baylie!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Borrowing a pack n play crossed my mind, but we fly out of PC after a 2-week vacation I would have no way of getting it back to its owners in Dothan.
We're just going to squish it in!