Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Plan and a new bed

I started this post at 5:30 a.m. Because I couldn't sleep all nite. My belly has been tight and could not calm it down despite lots of water and resting.

But before I tell you about these pictures in the two minutes before I run to the doctor, let me just tell you what just happened to me.

I am starting to panic a bit. Cause my body just seems not to want to do what I say it will.
Just when I was feeling okay, had a setback on Monday where I fell pretty bad in a parking lot. Then start to panic as I'm hobbling around my house that I am not ready yet for her to come. Jason is super busy at work and some important details (like where she will sleep) haven't been figured out.

So after a restless nite where I'm trying to calm this baby down, I have a drs. appt this morning. Not my baby doctor, my RA one. And I was planning on bringing these girls of mine with me but then after laying around all morning and nothing getting better, I cannot take them with me or I might be in full labor by the end of the day. That cannot happen yet.

So I'm racking my brain who I can call last minute to watch them (thinking of my friend who has to drop her daughter off at preschool at the same time won't work), a certain person comes to mind. So I text her. Nothing.

Keep checking my phone the next 30-40 minutes, no answer.

Well, I will just have to bribe the office staff a million dollars to get me out of their as fast as possible and not the usual hour wait. Oh yes, and gave myself a shot this morning.

So I get the family out the door (thank you lunchables) and the doorbell rings immediately after. I thought Jason must have forgotten something, but nope its my friend at my door. But she didn't get my text. But now she has my kids and I'm trying to choke back my tears to realize that just happened.

Cause sometimes all the plans go out the door and its scary stuff. Especially without family close and friends who have busy hairy lives themselves. Right now, my two girls are with her two girls at her cupcake shop (ya thats how busy she is too).

Gotta run to the doctor now. Could you pray for me that this baby stays in a little bit longer? We still have a birthday next week (Darby's) and a major report due thats not finished, and an open house, and four more baseball games. Oh yes, and Nana is a bit occupied herself too holding baby June.

But on other news, Paisley got kicked out of her crib. And she loves it. Thank you girls for helping her be excited about it. And now it has a frame since these were taken.

By the way, yesterday Luke was my knight in shining armor. He loaded and unloaded all my bags from Target, and told me he would do it always. Then when I tried to pay him he told me to use the money for Darby's hot lunches she loves. Then he let Baylie wear all his baseball stuff because he knows she loves it. What a great kid. So glad he is my first. The Lord knew I needed a strong tough one to help me out.


Aimee said...

All body parts that can be crossed are crossed, prayers said and good vibes sent all the way from Idaho.

bro said...

Cute photos. Good luck, said prayer on behalf of your bebe.

Lindsey said...

Okay Brooke!! I am so glad you got Paisley in the girls room!! And I am soo happy you had an amazing friend that just popped by to help you! I hope your baby stays cooking for a bit longer, but if not, all the other things will work themselves out! I wish I was closer to help out. PS. LOVE the pictures of the girls and P in her bed!! xoxo

Courtney said...

Prayers are with you! Thank you to cupcake knight that saved you! Luke is amazing! Darling pictures! The flight from UT to CA is faster than from Bama so keep me posted!

Courtney said...

That last post from Courtney was really from mom : )

Laura said...

so glad it worked out for you. i know i don't live super close, but if you ever have an appointment in the valley, i would love to help out. and i am not usually ever super busy. 818-749-0992. i know what a pain it is either taking kids with you to dr, or trying to find someone to take them.

RachelAA said...

She's an angel! And Luke and total stud. This post gave me chills.

Courtney said...

First off, your pictures of your kids are so cute. I cannot believe that Paisley made it to the big girl bed. And, I am so glad it was an easy transition. Luke is such a champ! I loved your story of him helping you. Hang in there. I am sorry it is so rough. We love you!

Beth said...

Girl - get ready for that baby. It is TIME.

Renee said...

Oh man! Wish I lived closer to help you. Good luck my friend.