Sunday, May 29, 2011

Late Nite Post

She kicks me when she's hungry. My baby.

I start getting kicked which at this point is like "Wowser!" ouch and then I remember, oh yeah, didn't eat dinner and its almost 11 p.m....the girl is hungry.

Sorry, fish sticks didn't sound very appetizing and ya know how the end gets, your stomach is smooshed like a pea. But I did feed her some texas sheet cake earlier.

I can't wait to meet her. Jason and I keep wondering what she is going to be like. How many different types of McCoy are there? I just wonder what color she is going to be. We have a pale blue eyes dirty blonde, a dark hair with dark eyes, and hazel very tan boy with tan hair as well, a black haired dad who used to be pale except for the sweet redneck he is getting from not putting on sunblock doing yardwork and a turning blonde little 21 month old whose eyes are still changing but definitely light.

So what will it be? I'm thinking dark. We shall see soon.

Like soon as my mom gets here on Thursday. That isn't many days away.

Luke told me today when we were in her room that he can't wait to get her and bring her to me from her crib. I'm sure I'll have lots of little hands wanting to get her for me. Thankfully the oldest I trust the most at least.

We got some big news, at least for this little bunch. My doctor okayed me for nursing this little one. I was shocked. My milk isn't poison afterall....guess it hasn't been for the last three babies, but we can only go on what medical research shows us at the time.

Start nursing again on my fifth baby, maybe not my smartest move, but really when do I make decisions based on whats easiest? Like never really. Maybe only when it comes to dinner. Plus the thought of not having to unpack a bottle for a while sounds pretty tempting. Just for a change. But really I'm just super curious. It has been 8 years since I've nursed a baby (which I'm not a big fan of and couldn't ever last more the six months is my bet anyway) so I'm like brand new. I was 24 then. And quite frankly, a hurting one who knew nothing about babies and thought my baby was hungry when he usually just had gas.

Funny how this happens, cause I was just feeling like the baby whisperer. Seriously after Paisley was born, I finally felt like I figured these babies out. I could speak their language...not to say she was easy as pie, but at least I could tell what she wanted. It was awesome.

So here we are throwing a new hook, see how it goes down. Its my last baby. Nursing would seem like a novelty really. Feel a bit normal. Always said, I would if I could, but I'm glad I can't ;) Cause really formula rocks. I don't care what the skeptics say. Which makes it crazy that I'm not just going to stick to the plan, do what I have been doing.

Except in the beginning. Because little babies still need to learn what to do with that plastic you are sticking in their mouths. You have to push the bottle a certain way until they can drink. And sometimes they choke, and sometimes I get frustrated...maybe because I'm having to survive a painful chest that keeps giving milk that I don't need. I used to just think, 'Yo, body, get a clue, I'm not using it." But nope, kept coming.

It will be strange not having to explain to all the nurses about why I'm bottlefeeding from the start, or have to explain about my shots. But I'm sure they will think I'm a little backward for being a pro mom of five but needing to see the lactation consultant like a newbie. Any tips for me? Seriously can hardly remember anything except for the exceptional larger size of my anatomy which I'm dreading. Look out. I have no idea what to wear. Haven't had to think about that. The stars sort of have to align for this to work for me. Successful nursing in my opinion is based on sheer determination, baby temperament and a bit of luck. Oh ya, and not getting mastitis would help. Wonder what the cards will hold, cause I think I'm getting kinda soft in the will department. I just hope I can forgive myself if I quit early.

She just told me she needs to eat again. Better get a late nite snack. Think she'll like peanut butter and celery? Cause thats all that sounds good right now. If only it was pre-made.

Want to hear our other big news in our tiny world?

Yes, when you see Jason, congratulated him for helping Paisley kick the pacifier. Although she still checks my pockets to see if I'm stashing. He can't gloat yet, we will see what happens in hopefully less than a week when she sees that new baby with one. I'm sure she will try and steal it. A bit to close is my vote.


RachelAA said...

Oh man, NURSING.....Before Cole was born I went back and forth. I nursed J for six months (my longest as well), Ry for two months then pumped another two months and Andi one month and pumped three. I thought for sure I would not enjoy nursing yet again. But, I am. Weird huh. Believe me, there were times I was going to give up but simply because I didn't have formula on hand, I didn't. About a month after he was born, I bought formula for those times I wanted to go out. So, he takes both. It's nice. I wish you luck because really, if you ask me, nursing isn't easy and yes, takes determination AND totally depends on the kid. Do what keeps you sane - there's no guilt in trying to be a happy mommy!!!

Mommy said...

Rachel said it well! I nursed both kids for 6 months. I added up the hours Ben nursed at it was 40 hours a week! A FULL TIME JOB! My friend gave me her double pump and WOW did that help. Whatever you choose, it simply doesn't matter. Your kids know how much you love them and you will always be Super Mom in my eyes.

Susannah said...

I nursed Anderson for 14 months. I didn't have much milk at first then, started taking Blessed Thistle vitamin supplement. It really worked. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures of the new little one!

bro said...

tell her stealing from babies isn't cool, try to sell the big girl bit, but as writing this i'm not seeing her buying but maybe luke/darby/baylie can help convince her pacies are not cool

Hillary said...

I'm with Rachel - give the occasional bottle - because a baby that cannot be away from its mama ever is tricky! I've had both scenarios and prefer the baby that will take a bottle! ;) Good luck - I know that whatever happens, you'll be great! As an experienced mom you know it's all about being flexible . . . and having a sense of humor.

I am counting down to whole milk for Evelyn. Eek!

Hillary said...

P.S. Oliver occasionally stole Abby's binkies and they're still friends. Take it back, rinse, repeat.

Lisa -- said...

I love the Bebe au Lait nursing cover, best thing ever and way better than anything else (blanket or other cover) I used it for my second, Anna, and she loved it which allowed me to nurse anywhere and everywhere imaginable. Also, drink lots and lots of water; hydration is key for production. My friend did experiment recently with the birth of her second; she drank 8 glasses of water a day for 6 weeks before birth. Delivery and breastfeeding were so much easier and better than the first because of hydration. The nurses told her that her baby boy was the best breastfed baby they had seen because he peed a lot! I would introduce a bottle once a week after 1.5-2months if that interests you to have the option. Good luck. If breastfeeding works great, if not great too. You are a great mom! I have always thought to at least try it for a month or two and if it sticks great or if not great have tried. T-shirts and button up shirts are the best and easiest things to wear. If you need a tip about the G's too, let me know.

Lisa -- said...

Oh, wear a night time bra when sleeping while breastfeeding. I have liked the Medela bra for that. I have also heard Bravado bras are good. I can't remember the names of the bras I have used. My mom gave me the above advice with my first. She said it will help with sagging later in life. I thought there is no harm and i don't want to find out if she was right the hard way! Also, Lansinoh is great brand for nursing pads and cream for sore or cracked nipples.

English Garden said...

Yea, give it a try, why not? you'll save lots of money (which you could easily justify on using to treat yourself each month) and the thing I found is that its pretty convienient, its right there, instant food, nothing to wash up afterwards, with 4 other kids less dishes has got to be appealing. I also think that after the first few months are over, which are the craziest anyway, you settle into a feeding routine and can plan things around it. Good luck, you know me, either way works and its not how you feed your baby that makes you a better mom, just that you do:)

MissManda-Mae said...

u want more nursing tips??? i'm a big fan of nursing. It's my favorite thing to do with my babies after they are born because no one can do it but u which means u get to let other things fall to the side. The hooter hiders are AWESOME... (and yes crazy name, but that is what they are called) they have boning in the top so u can easily look down to "adjust" things while still being very covered. Learn to lay down and nurse... this is a life saver when u have to get up to feed the wee one.... I would get up, grab babe, jump in bed, and doze while they ate.... it was blissful and very helpful when u are soo tired. Do u have a pump?? They are wonderful and can help with milk production if u are worried about that. Medella makes a great electic one. If u would really like to try it out, but don't want to pay the cash, text me and i'll send mine with ur mom so u can use it... i won't need it any time soon and i know ur mom will be out there lots and can bring it back when u are done. Good luck, u will do great! just txt me about the pump!

embot said...

You know my story. the 4th and last was only one to be nursed in our family. So yeah, either way works! i remember finally 'getting it' with simon and somehow the milk and the baby meet up and balance out and it just works. (if, like you said, the stars align and mastitis stays away.)

PLUS, my favorite phrase was... Sorry, i can't help you. i have to feed the baby!

haha, it was the best. Good LUCK! you're awesome!

Beth said...

cheap and lots of extra calories. those are two of my favorite reasons to try to keep at it! good luck!!