Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking on our way to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Look what a colorful bunch I have? Especially since they dress themselves.

My vote was that Paisley was too young for her first movie, and I was right, but did get a nice look at the posters in the hall :)

We aren't finished celebrating Darby's birthday. Seriously. Still hadn't broken the pinata so did it Monday with just our family. Dude, there was a lot of candy in there for just us and it must have been dang heavy cause it was Paisley who broke it before Baylie and Luke even got a turn. But it was the cutest pinata ever, thank you Target :)

Now we still have to make it to Chuck E Cheese sometime, since that is what we were planning on doing for her birthday before a nutso week. Thanks for being adaptable Darby, whether you like it (she doesn't) or not :).

Second to last t-ball game tomorrow. T-ball possibly my favorite sport :)


Beth said...

that is the cutest pinata.

Courtney said...

Cute pinata. How was Kong Fun Panda 2?

bro said...

That is nice of her. Thanks for blog post

Sara Jane said...

That is so fun your mom will be there tomorrow. I kept wondering if you had your baby over the weekend. At least you know Tues is the day if nothing else happens.