Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturdays Rock

Here's the deal, Saturdays are just great. Jason is home, sorry for all husbands who are not. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy (ok, birth of children aside) then when he got home last nite (on time!). He volunteered to get up with the kids, do whatever, just so happy to have gotten through this week. I'll take it!

Here are some peppermint plants I bought at trader joes...tried to grow peppermint a few times, never worked.

And yes, by the way, we officially hate Hang Foot and Mouth...the worst ever. All four kids ended up getting it, and now are at different stages. Paisley's is totally gone, Luke just has some scabs left, Baylie's tongue is terrible and Darby's is mild (so far). What a horrible sickness. I thought Roda virus was bad, but this was terrible.

Everyone likes to watch Luke play plants vs. zombies.

So here is Jason turning the girls frowns upside down.

Got my nails done, gel nails (expensive) so they will last twice as long. Its just this different kind of polish. These hands gotta get ready and hold a baby.

One good thing about having to get our vacuum fixed via UPS...big boxes are so fun to play in. Can you see Paisley's toes peeking out?

Luke learned how to move the lawn! Ya, I see some very productive years in the future. He thought he was pretty awesome as well.

Hope you survived the week as well. Makes the Saturdays so much sweeter!


Lindsey said...

Beautiful nails! Beautiful kids, grass and peppermint plants! So glad it's been a good day! Glad P is over it. And so awesome Luke can mow the lawn!! Yay!

Maria said...

I love that Luke can mow the lawn! Hope all the kiddies start to feel better and you get some good sleep :)

Mommy said...

Your hands look GREAT! I was a puffy swollen marshmallow man at this point in pregnancy. And once again, GO LUKE!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

isn't it sad for Luke (and pacen) being the only boy....they are the only ones who have to mow the lawn! i guess one could argue that a girl can do it, too, but for me it's a boy job.

bro said...

Wow really impressed by Luke Darby is so cute Baylie to me is also mini gma dalton looks and p is really starting to grow on me from long distance

Beth said...

I love your nails!!! I want them.