Friday, April 1, 2011

Observations on a Friday

I used to want to clone myself, but now I've realized I'm a bit worthless and it would be much smarter to clone my husband instead. Now that man can work!

Have had a hard time sleeping and been watching trashing trashy television at nite into late hours. Yes there is so many more productive things I could be doing in my dazed state, which I remind myself every morning. But I did watch this THS (if you don't what this acronym is, pat yourself on the back, you have failed trashy pop culture) on Holly Madison (it was a low point in the nite...which I might never recover from) who is a former (insert place that I don't want to come up as a search related to my blog) bunny and would say it was so disturbing the whole living situation at the mansion that really I wonder why people aren't as appalled at this as the sister wives thing. Really smutty mansion and sister wives, might be the bottom of the barrel for me. Why oh why would woman choose to not demand more for themselves.

My mom is coming on Sunday. There is nothing like it. All my sisters are sighing in agreement. Talk about a woman who should be cloned.

Baylie's birthday is on Monday. Better get on that. She will be four on the fourth.

My house is coming together how I'd like it, now I'm sure an earth quake will come and knock all these pictures I've been hanging off the walls.

Weekday little league games might rival poking myself in the eye. 90 degrees at 6 p.m. 2 1/2 hours in the dirty, not kid friendly bleachers (which large puddles around because of poor drainage from the last wave of intense rain) and my girls ended up so disgusting and soaking wet from the puddles. If it was a test, I failed. I brought tons of water, but not enough. But next time I'm going to be better prepared with lots of water bottles with clean water so they can squirt themselves cool. But Luke did great. He rolled his eyes at me once when I yelled "Take it slow" after he walked the first four batters. Boy, he got an ear full from me for that on the car ride home. Remembering why we have only done sports every other year. It is a sacrifice. But found out that mom of the seven boys was Mormon after all. Surprise surprise.

Will post a pizza dough recipe soon, just been lazy to type it all out. The wheat one at least. The other one is from my neighbor Jenna, and flour measurements are way off (like by almost 2 cups) so you just have to be good with bread/dough to know when to stop dumping it in. I should try and pin down the actual amount. I've decided the pioneer woman pizza dough recipe is fine, but not my favorite. More like for thin crust. Still experimenting.

My house is getting cleaned today, not by me. Can I just say that is a glorious thing? Especially since I no longer can reach my toes. Go big or go home right?


bro said...

sorry for luke, four walks in a row is really tough, i can't believe you chewed him out for rolling your eyes, having your mom yell at you for four walks is like a needle in an open wound, good for him if he still wants to pitch, that might do it for me, the outfield you just shag flies all day, i still remember people saying advice after i struck out a bunch, rough

Crazy Lady said...

luke doesn't care, he thinks he is freaking awesome. seriously he is like napoleon dynamite.

whatever if his dad had said the same thing, he would have done nothing.

embot said...

Yay! for baseball and big ole pregnant Brooke and Yay for your mama coming. all super excellent things.

you going to kate's bday by some crazy chance?

Courtney said...

I second that I would take a clone of mom any day of the week! I am slightly jealous that you got your house cleaned today. I was feeling it tonight after giving Mabel a bath, and cleaning the tub and toilet. It is just not very comfortable leaning over a basketball. Fun stuff! Can't wait to see luke play ball. I will have to bring an extra change of clothes for my kids for after the game!

Manda Mae said...

ur posts make me smile and i love it! i'm sure ur mom is there by now... have a great baptism week! yay for turning 8!!! sorry about the ball field... girl, i feel ur pain... grrrr! thanks for making me laugh tonight!