Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Be Happy

If you tilt your head to the side you can read this magazine cover better. Its been sitting on the top pile of my magazine stack for a while. I've fingered through it plenty of times (not my favorite issue by the way, Real Simple is a bit hit or miss for me)....But then one morning it just caught my attention....

Do people actually read it to find out how to be happier? And if they want to be happier why in the world would they trust the writers of the article of this magazine for the answers? Are the writers especially happy?

Because that is not where I look. Especially with such an important weekend coming up.

GENERAL CONFERENCE! And it only happens twice a year!

So Saturday at 9 a.m., then at 1 p.m. (and Jason at 5 p.m. for priesthood session, lets potluck at the park ladies) and Sunday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. again for two hour sessions each, I will be on to hear what the prophet and leaders of the church have to say to me. They aren't trying to sell me their magazine or push advertising. When I follow them and listen to their words, I am happier. And its free.

Jason has rigged our computer up to the tv so we are watching it off the internet on our television. Nice that he is handy.

So 8 hours this weekend I am going to be spiritually fed, and while I will probably miss a talk or a few (Luke's baseball game is at 2) then I can re-watch it online or read about it at 1 a.m when I can't sleep. I'm sure to cry, sure to hear lots of things I need to work on, sure that I'll have to read it again anyway cause my memory is that of a gnat.

That is what I am teaching my children. Where to look for answers. Who to listen to in the world. Where to look for truth. Why we are here. Where we came from.

While I can get tips and recipes and hey maybe even find some insight on happiness for an occasional magazine article, the real source of truth is our Savior. And just sometimes, a teeny weeny bit, I'm smart enough to listen and obey.

Now here's a real happy look for you. Its free too, your welcome.

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English Garden said...

Ooohhh! I wanna chat more, wish I could hang out during priesthood session, Eric's going to the conference center. I want the pizza recipe.