Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I do not believe in overkill

At least when it comes to pictures that is. Here is Lindsey with some of my girls.

Here is what was on my mom's camera. Here is Alex modeling the balancing bird. Have you seen one of those? They are awesome, simple and the kids have loved playing with it.

The with be the second time, and last time my younger sister and I can get a belly shot together.

The Evans Girls.

Nana with the first of the three newborns this year. Just thought this was a cute picture.

A very smiley picture of me and Jackie. We knew each other before we had kids and so that now makes her one of my longest friends here. And she famously brings her 'salad' every time there is a party. Jackie and I have some good stories together, mostly cause she had witnessed many of my most embarrassing moments, there are a book full.

Darby and Vienna

My dad with Layla.

Layla smiling. Look at those lips, those are Lindsey lips for sure!

Darby had her very first t-ball game on Saturday. She is sold on baseball, especially since she has a bunch of school friends on the team.

My sisters and I. Really doesn't it just look like I've been eating or drinking too much? At lets not discuss what is the size of my head :)

CJ on his 3rd birthday. (hat from 99 cent store)

Not that this is a flattering picture, but really I think I was thinking, "Holy crap, is this what I'm going to be like in a few months? What was I thinking I'm going to have two babies!"

Layla, ok I swear this is my last one of her. Misty, notice the Paparazzi bow?

My mom took these of my girls and their tea parties.

Oh yes, did I mention that I cracked my ipad 2? Like really bad? Like I was sobbing and bawling my eyes out the day before my mom arrived. But we slapped on some tape and just played with it anyway....

But turns out Apple is wonderful. They replaced it for free (they only do this once!), which meant we had to exchange it at the Grove. Totally out of the way trip since Jason was off working and working on the garden (normally he could go to the Grove on his lunch break cause its sort of close) but we made a little train ride out of it and watched the fountain for a bit.

Here are some other really cute ones. Paisley sure loves Darby! And she just learned how to sign the word 'candy'. Cause she asks Luke for a jellybean every morning.

Okay, thats all folks. Ending with such a cute picture of Paisley and Jason. Jason didn't get home til 11:45 p.m. last nite from work so its been more like a dive back into reality after all the family left, but what do you? I'm having to go at a snails place so not have contractions and drink tons of water, but we will make it (see this positive brainwashing I'm attempting). Sorry family, we never gave you warm weather, maybe next time! Now should we start planning the baby blessing trip? Fourth of July weekend!


RachelAA said...

Love your shirt Brooke

Heather said...

Cute pictures!

Lindsey said...

Blessing trip would be awesome. Loved all the pictures!! That is the best one of Paisley at the end. And I loved the girls with their tea parties. My favorite is the belly picture of you and Court and all the Evans girls!!
Those are some awesome picts of Layla. I am so glad everyone got to see her and love on her. It was the best get away ever! Thanks Luke for getting baptized so I could come out!! Thanks for not posting how I slept in until 9 everyday:))

the happy thomas family said...

love your shirt in the belly shot picture! wonderful pictures ... such beautiful people. and yes, apple is wonderful! aren't we glad they are?!

brandon said...

such cute photos, my sisters are beauties, cj is cute so is p, baylie and darbs so cute, p is so cute really like her and darby, thanks for all photos, so i missed

Maria said...

Darby in her baseball uniform just about killed me with cuteness. That girl is just adorable :)

Courtney said...

Such fun pictures. It was so fun to see everyone!

Mommy said...

LOVE the belly pic of you and your sis. You look fabulous, by the way. Don't ever think you don't!