Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things that aren't funny...

But someday, maybe they will be.

So here goes the list, things that aren't funny, but I'm choosing to be a good sport about it :)

1. Cracked Ipad 2.

Doesn't this picture of my cracked Ipad 2 just pain your eyes? Seriously. The tape is already on it, but wow. Last nite (even though we got a free replacement from Apple, thank you very much Apple), I had a dream that the grass crumbled in my fingers. I also have a recurring dream that all my teeth break into pieces too (too many chipped teeth maybe?) Amberli, do I need a good dream analyzer like you to diagnose me?

I'm a bit traumatized by the whole thing. I don't buy nice stuff (technically Jason did) and this just confirmed why...with a tear. So here's to round 2.

2. Forgetting it was picture day. Shoot this post could also be called 'How to be an awesome parent'...but who like sarcasm?

So, if you forget its picture day, this is what you get. Looks like she was just climbing a tree out back and stopped to pose for the camera. Definitely not worth $13 a sheet, although Darby is definitely a cutie.

3. Another self ban from the library.

Newly reopened it after about a year and a half and I've already chalked up a weeks worth of over due fines. Awesome stuff. Will I ever learn? Best part is 3 of them I didn't even crack open and had for two weeks. Why did I just renew them? Listen folks, my tiny brain can't be trusted to keep track of a library card, I never can find the thing! Hey, at least I'm funding the library system right for the rest of you perfect returning people! Dang you!

4. Giving Paisley back her pacifier.

Ya, just racking up the points with this one. What is this like the third time I've caved? Tried the whole only in bed thing, didn't work, she kept climbing in her crib or her siblings would go grab it for her. Sneaky kids.

Maybe I'm the one regressing, not her? But we are kinda in survival mode (when does survival mode end exactly?) and I'm picking my battles. Can't use the ipad for leverage her, but the paci works like a charm. I just try to take it out so she can like, ya know, learn how to talk eventually.

5. The Looks and Comments

Tonite we went to menchies as a family (hip hip hoorah Jason got home at 6:15 p.m. I was freaking out, pinch me please! only happens like twice a year) and here I am just walking in with my family, not realizing what we look like to other people. Oh the stares, it has begun. And with my lovely pregnant state (ie: crabby) I'm having to really bite my tongue to be tolerable.
"What are you guys? Glutton for punishment?" .....hahah you are soo funny. I really wanted to say, was "No, we just have a superior gene pool to yours." but I didn't. (I don't really think that,
see above four).

This one isn't technically mine, but should be noted cause its what gave me the idea for this list in the first place.

6. My brother in law Carl had surgery on his hand today. Why? Oh because he totally broke it playing football in my backyard with Luke while he was only in California for a day and a half! What? And its finals for him this week in the BYU MBA program? How pun intended. What else did you say? Courtney is having a baby on the 26th and he leaves for India on the 29th and will take his busted hand with him? Great timing. So here's to Carl and Courtney, hopefully in a few years this will all seem funny? right? Hang in there, we love you!

As for me, today, I felt soooooo much better. No more pity party, baby told me so was going to stay in today. Hooray hooray. The rest of the pictures are just for your viewing pleasure. That Darby is turning into a ham.

p.s. do not give your kids popcorn in the car. I take that back. Do what you gotta do. Got a pick and choose our battles around here. Survival is key :)

p. p. s. Luke got a triple at his game on Monday...and I missed it. Was taking Darby to her practice. Even hit the fence they tell me.

p. p. s. Yes I'll stop with the posting craze, just had to get it out of my system.


Amber said...

I forgot picture day too. So don't feel bad. I can't believe your Ipad cracked. WHAT HAPPPENED???? And how super wonderful that Apple replaced it. GO Apple.

Nancy Jo said...

epHopefully that picture of your ipad is before you got it replaced. I think that picture of Darby looks planned because she is wearing her 'Darby' shirt. Miss you - sit a lot so baby doesn't come too early : )

Sarah said...

That's pretty much what my car looks like right now. Claire Thompson use to always have a duster buster vacuum thing in her car for all the crumbs. I think my mini-van would need just a plain old vacuum cleaner in there constantly to keep it clean. Whatever. Who cares? I don't have it in me to clean it right now.

christy said...

We have the same watch. I don't buy school pictures anyway since they look crappy and target looks good and costs less. Our library doesn't have late fees that I know of and I'm usually late so I end up renewing online.

LaurieNguyen said...

You are a talented lady! You make the most unfunny things funny.

Don't worry. It will get better.

Amberli said...

hey! k so sad about the ipad :(
so i dream about crushing my teeth often. i HATE it! it usually means i'm STRESSED and that i'm actually grinding my teeth as i sleep. do you do that? maybe that's what's happening. does your jaw hurt the next day? it's no fun. also the general symbolism of teeth falling out in the dream is a fear of getting older and aging! i'm thinking you're too young to be having those dreams...altho i have them :(

Laura said...

Ok so darbys picture day is funny. Made me laugh. But she is cute so who cares. My sis In law has 6 kids and she says when someone says really dumb comments to her she jus tells them they have different dads, obviously. Quiets them right up!

brandon said...

i like the darby picture photo, i would pay 13 dollars a sheet

Courtney said...

So sad about the Ipad. I am glad though that you got a replacement. I can't believe how old Darby is looking these days. Thanks for thinking of us in our funny, crazy state.

English Garden said...

good news on the Ipad, you should get some super awesome case for it now. Don't worry about the paci, I didn't take sara's away until I saw she was biting holes it in, I'm sure she was like 3 maybe even 3 1/2. I remembered Kate's picture day but she did this really goofy bug eyed thing, I'll have to e-mail you a picture, its kinda funny. For the library I try and make 1 day a week library day, I try and go every Monday that way I don't have to worry about fines etc, I haven't really been checking things out for me mostly just the kids, if I don't make it one Monday I usually do the next so the longest I go without going is 2 weeks and here we can check books out for 4 weeks, doesn't your library have a drive up drop off box? that makes it easier to drop them off with a car full of kids.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I think I love your blog so much because I feel like it's just like my life. My car is just as dirty, I have just as many late fees, and I just broke my second phone in like three months. it's life and it's funny.