Monday, April 11, 2011

Fastest Week Ever

Get ready for the motherload of pictures. Seriously. Today hasn't been as bad as I thought considering our families were here for such a short time and its always so sad when they leave. I mean, who wants to go back to reality? But we just heard that Carl (Courtney's husband) needs surgery after a game of football with Luke and CJ ...and they were only here for a day and a half. Maybe because uncle Carl invents games like this.

Everyone wanted a picture with baby Layla. And to hold Layla and feed Layla. Really the only way I could be ok with her leaving is that we are getting our own little girl very soon, because Layla is darling. Ok, I'm officially excited. It was so good to see my sisters (especially since its been a year exactly since I've seen Lindsey and don't want to mention it too much or else I'll start crying). My kids were in shock late Sunday going, "Where did everybody go?" "Why did they only stay a little bit" But we will take whatever we can get. Luke also did say, "Wow, I didn't know my baptism party would last til 10 p.m.!" (which is pretty late for us, especially kids...I think Baylie actually put herself to sleep)

Don't know why this picture is crooked. But CJ turned 3 in Cali (2nd birthday in Cali too). Grandpa always brings cool things like this crazy lite up hat.

Everyone thinks Baylie looks like me, but really, Baylie looks like her Nana!

CJ and Luke. the only grandson's on the Evans's side. Luke loved hanging out with his little buddy. CJ just loved how many swords and guns we have...nothing better than exposing kids to things their parents haven't let them have yet, seriously its one of my favorite things....candy anyone? Soda, sure over at our house you can have some :)

Baylie and EmmaJane, the four year olds.

Oh yes, and when people come to southern California, they expect some sun. Well we had a bit of it, but it was very misleading because it was so cold! (ok, maybe cold is relative). And then it rained, hailed, and had some snow flurries.

The two grandpas and Jason decided to work themselves for two days on the side of the house and garden repair. Some vacation huh? Seriously they put their backs into it. Nothing like some hard labor...I just watched :) No wait, I went to the Grove instead. Oh ya.

Paisley smiling for me since we were taking so many pictures of Layla.

Grandma McCoy and Nana hemming Luke's suits before his baptism day.

Okay, so yes this picture is so wrong, but its also so funny. So for you people who live near my parents could you please not say anything to the man getting spanked cause then I'll get a call saying that I should take it off my blog. Our little secret please :)

So now the new garden is like 80 percent finished (not in this picture). they cement reinforced it so it should be good. My mother in law Janet un-planted all my growing plants so hopefully we can save them. Time will tell

Don't even think this is the last of the pictures.


bro said...

sooooo cute photos

tphillips said...

OK that little trampoline trick looks CRAZY! Brave kids you got there. Also, Bailey looks just like you're mom...cute!

Sara Jane said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun..and got lots done. Congrats to Luke. He's getting so big!