Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I love the Ipad 2 among other things

Reasons why I love the Ipad 2 besides the fact that my kids probably can operate it better than me cause they were a little more up on the touch technology.

1. My first child

2. My third child

3. My second child

4. Leverage

Four days this week, just as my eye lids were opening, I could hear a cling clang of the dishes being unloaded from the dishwasher and a smile crept over my face. Then about 7 minutes later, I knew Luke would come in my room, fully dressed with shoes ready for the day (by 7 a.m. mind you...yes I've gotten a bit lazy in the morning, no more early riser) and then come up and nudge me in my sleepy state saying, "Mom, Can I use your ipad? I've gotten dressed, made my bed, unloaded the dishes and read my scriptures?" And then I would say yes with my eyes barely open and he would say, "Thanks mom, you rock" or some other sort of positive affirmation and love. Its been nice.

Also, while Luke is a great baseball player (and will be the starting pitcher for Thursdays game, an amusement in itself), sports can be just a head game. Sometimes you just need to get out there and get it over with. While he can hit the ball fine, four games had passed and he hadn't taken a swing once. Not once. At first he was just walking a ton cause its kid pitch. So the coach would say, 'good eye Luke'. Just waiting for the perfect pitch, so much so that he got struck out twice and his last game. Nothing wrong with striking out, but not when I know how well he can hit. Just needs to get over some nerves. comes the ipad bait. Luke had gotten detention (another story partly involving swatting a girl classmates behind) and had paid his dues, but still had some restrictions. So for Saturdays freezing 8 a.m. game I said, hey Luke if you get a hit, you can play the ipad. Guess what. Two great hits, 1 walk. Streak broken.

Also, Baylie, who is without preschool until the fall, is totally proficient and justs adds another carrot for which me to bait her :) A large carrot that usually trumps all.

You know what that is called? Freaking awesome.

Darby reading her sisters a story at the end of the day (really making one up cause this book was a bit hard)

Baylie my shopping partner. Much easier and smarter to just let the girl have her own cart and I put stuff in both.

Saturday nite after I realized the second Groupon I'd purchased had expired without us using it...not good, so we had to think of plan B. Plan B ended up going to Fuddruckers in Burbank (not as good as the sherman oaks one) which is one of the few restaurants we take our kids. Darby was begging to play on this game. So I had to break it to her that really that game was a big rip off and that I'd never seen anyone win (I think I remember my mom telling me the same thing, but I thought I'd be the first one too). That the toys are shoved in there and the grabber is too weak to get them so that you have to try over and over and never get it. All Darby could do was dream about which stuffed animal she wanted. Hard to explain?

"Mom, those people must be really mean." "Well, they are just trying to make money." "So they don't want you to get the toy?" "Not really, its a trick". and on and on the conversation went (there were three of these machines in the place).

Sometimes it just hits you what ridiculous things we have in society, especially when you have to explain them to your kids. Seriously has anyone ever grabbed a toy from that thing? and who are the sick people who invented them? Would they think they are so smart for ripping off kids? Kinda sad.


christy said...

I have had that same conversation with my kids about that STUPID machine so many times. They should be illegal. They are like slot machines for kids. SO mean.
I tell my kids that all games like that and commercials are lies and tricks to steal your money.

My kids beg for the ipad and ipod touch too. Maybe I should use it to bribe them to get ready on time in the mornings too.;)

the happy thomas family said...

so fun. that's GREAT that is such a motivator for them. whatever works, right? that strategy doesn't work in our house, unfortunately. the three-year old sneaks in before we are awake, unhooks the iPad from the charger, sneaks out, and plays to his hearts content (probably before the sun is even up). yikes.

Lindsey said...

Yay for Luke getting two hits at his game. I love leverage! Good job that he does chores before school and reads scriptures! I should add that to our list! Thanks for the phone call yesterday. I will call you today.

Jenn said...

Haha Westley gets ready for school just so he can play my iPod touch(he says we should get an ipad but I just told him it's a glorified iPod for the blind!!). In other words... I don't have the money!! ;).

Way to go Luke!

Courtney said...

Seriously that is awesome leverage. I should use that with dad's Ipod. That is awesome that Luke is so responsible about getting dressed and reading scriptures. Does he have a game while we are out there? We would love to watch him!

Renee said...

I hate those dumb machines. I don't even know how many times I have told my kids those things steal your money and that they don't work! I'm surprised they are still around. I need to get Julian to read his scriptures in the morning. Good job Luke!

bro said...

Awesome Luke is pitching, him not swinging might be my fault cause I told him the only good thing of being short is walking. But I'm with you, swing away cause after middle school you have to try out to play. I have prob wasted ten+ dollars in my lifetime on those and never got a toy.

Hillary said...

Love your posts and I very rarely pay for any of those claw machines or "rides" either. Chuck E. Cheese is the only exception. Not only are they a waste of money but I feel like I need to spray the kids with sanitizer after they even touch the silly thing (that I STILL won't let them play).

Hillary said...

P.S. Bonus points to Luke for the scripture thing. I didn't read mine this morning. Maybe Nick needs to give me an incentive . . . iPhone, maybe?

-A said...
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-A said...

I have a purple elephant one of my best friends gave to me our Freshman year of college. She was a pro at getting toys from the claw machine at Denny's. Even choosy enough to only go for the cute ones. I, on the other hand, gave up playing that game after only a few failed attempts in my pre-teen years.

David said...

You make them read scriptures before they can use the iPad? I guess it's okay so long as they also read skeptical philosophers.