Saturday, March 26, 2011

Makeup among other things

I let Darby put makeup on Paisley and here is the result. She was not happy to take a picture, maybe because she realized what was on her face? Na, she thought it was totally dope earlier. Quite scary expressions though with the coloring and all.

Where O Where do my girls get their awesome makeup application skills from?

Dinner. Here was the result of the wheat pizza dough, Luke was a bit leery and left the crusts (What is this? Wheat?) but it got eaten.

And here is how Paisley unloads the utensils (yes Paisley, its her favorite thing) and it keeps her busy while i unload the rest of it. A small price to pay. Today I was too lazy to fix it after.

Luke reading some Harry Potter.

Baylie crashing after church (starts at 1 p.m. get home around 4:20). Some thing just have to be remembered.


Renee said...

Those pizzas look good! Was the dough and easy recipe? If so, I want it. Mine takes too long. I love the make up! They look awesome! That picture is so cute of the three of them with their make up. That is Tysons favorite thing to do too! It's the age.

Hillary said...

I'd love your dough recipe too! Hilarious pics of the girls' makeup. My mom didn't let me play with it much when I was little which might explain my lack of skill now!

Beth said...

Those pizzas do look yummy. :) And I really like Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough in the refridg. section, unless you really like to make yours homemade.

Nancy Jo said...

Beautiful girls! I need them to do my makeup! The pizza looks delicious! I might have to order us some : )

Lindsey said...

Beautiful pizza and awesome makeup pictures for the girls. Those picts are seriously for the books. Get ready #4 girl!! Love that Luke is reading Harry Potter--so so old.

Courtney said...

Those makeup pictures are priceless! So fun to have so many girls! There will be countless of makeup parties in the future! So fun!