Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Saturday

This is from about 8 p.m. last nite when Jason was putting together the bunk beds.

But basically Saturday was the most productive day ever and poor Jason is wasted because of it. At 8:15 a.m. he left to go to the visit the temple with the youth til about 12:30.

Then I picked up Darby from a birthday party, went and bought a new mattress for Luke (if you are looking for one I got what a deal, but had to meet the girl at her storage unit/showroom in town...)

Jason shoveled the massive truck load of compost we got into the garden and then put in the remaining dirt that was mounded on the side of our house. It looks awesome. "Is there poop in there dad?" is all the kids would ask over and over again.

In the meantime the two girls wouldn't nap, so I took them to Lowe's, bought some seeds, they threw a fit and then they fell asleep on the way home, that was like at 4 p.m.....very unusual day.

Neighbors came over and shared pizza with my kids while Jason continued to shovel and shovel and shovel...and we debated on if we need to til the dirt and compost again or just plant as is. Still undecided, but the weekends are quickly being filled.

Cleaned up girls room so Jason could make bunkbeds....and kids destroyed house while I was shopping for a mattress bringing every toy and stuffed animal downstairs.

Finished the nite watching Swiss Family Robinson, eating popcorn (which means more mess) and kids went down at 9:30....very very strange.

oh yes, I forgot that we had to write a talk for Luke that he forgot to tell me about and took a few hours in there as well.

Doesn't sound so much when I type it out but it was. Garden is almost done, mattress comes on Wednesday, and we have a big week ahead before we leave for basketball (hopefully to see BYU) and birthdays.

Oh yes, and Luke's door broke this morning and Jason fixed that as well. Tired yet?

The kids have been playing all morning on the top bunk which provides fighting and fun...and Paisley can get up there way to easily.

But I do love 1 p.m. church (especially since I'm not fasting like Jason is)

BUT while Darby was at a party, Luke and Baylie played so cute for hours. Luke got out dad's shirts for them to wear.

We are officially in this territory. Maybe never to see a normal picture of Luke again.


brandon said...

cute photos of baylie and luke.

Nancy Jo said...

Makes me tired just reading about it. The kids looked so cute in Jason's shirts. Can't wait to see all the changes.

Beth said...

Paisley can get to the top bunk!!! I am impressed. Audrey keeps getting stuck on the stairs. :)

Tanya said...

so fun, but where are the pictures of the garden. When is spring break for you guys, call me and let me know maybe we could come up and play for a couple of hours (no house cleaning necessary) :D